Painting Tips

4 Signs It’s Time To Paint Your Home Exterior

Keeping your home and yard looking good is probably one of your main concerns. A well-manicured lawn and flower bed overflowing with bright flowers can certainly enhance the appearance of your home. That being said, no amount of landscaping can make up for a house badly in need of a fresh coat of paint. Don't overlook [...]

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Get Inspired By these Classic Color Combinations

Are you considering painting a room or rooms in your home? Before you reach for another gallon of beige paint, have you considered delving into the world of color? Beautiful vibrant paint color schemes should not be confined solely to the pages of magazines. We live life in color, and with a basic understanding of [...]

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How to Remove Paint Fumes With Common Household Items

Painting your walls can revive a living space, leaving behind a fresh clean look. But that's not all that can get left behind. Many paints, especially oil-based ones, can leave behind paint fumes that linger for days. While it's always advisable to paint when you have plenty of ventilation from open windows, sometimes that simply isn't [...]

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get a Beautiful Home

Millions of Americans set New Year's resolutions every year. They typically include losing a few pounds, eating healthier and getting more exercise. These days, more people are turning to making resolutions to improve other areas of their lives, too. That makes this a perfect time to set some goals for enhancing the appearance of your [...]

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Finding Your Inspiration in Interior Painting

When most people think about interior painting, images of solid colors run through their head. While solids are traditional and can be used effectively to change the ambiance in your home, they are not your only choice. Consider these options for giving your home a one-of-a-kind look that expresses your personality and style. Color Blocks [...]

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Refresh Your Kitchen With Freshly Painted Cabinets

Spend a lazy afternoon browsing Houzz or Pinterest and you will see lovely pictures of elegant, updated kitchens. Look at them long enough and you might come down with a serious case of kitchen-remodeling fever. Combine that fever with a DIY spirit and you are ready to take on major projects such as replacing an out [...]

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Knock Out These Painting Projects This Fall

They say that the devil is in the details, and when it comes to painting, they are not far off the mark. Now that summer is winding down,  it is time to think about fall painting projects to make your home pop and keep it protected from winter's wrath. Knock on Wood The summer weather can be rough [...]

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When Is It a Good Time to Paint Your Home?

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can be quite the undertaking, but there are times when it's definitely worth the work you have to put in. We have some suggestions on when it's a good idea to paint your house. Thinking About Selling? For homes that are on the market or about to [...]

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Why You Should Paint Your Garage Door

Garage doors are often a prominent feature of a home's street presenting side. With an updated paint job, you can benefit from an upscale look while extending the life of the door. Aesthetics Many garage doors are of steel or wood manufactured in a basic panel design. Steel, in particular, often comes in neutral shades [...]

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Exterior, Exterior, Exterior

Start getting your exterior ready for Spring.  Everyone wants to hang out outside once it get warm. Here are some things that you will need to do to get ready for someone to come out to paint your exterior for you. 1. Cut back all bushes that are touching the house/fence and take down vines [...]

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