Finding Your Inspiration in Interior Painting

When most people think about interior painting, images of solid colors run through their head. While solids are traditional and can be used effectively to change the ambiance in your home, they are not your only choice. Consider these options for giving your home a one-of-a-kind look that expresses your personality and style. Color Blocks [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Painting in the South

Painting the walls in your home is a great way to breathe new life into the room or to change the atmosphere in your house. The color and hue of the paint affect both the appearance and the mood of an area. That means choosing light colors to give a room an airy feel or darker [...]

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Tips for Picking the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

The small details of your home are what form the baseline for everything else around them. For a home's exterior, you have likely given some thought to the color of the siding, roofing, doorways, window trim, shutters and so forth. One often overlooked element of every building is essential for their survival: rain gutters. Whether your gutters have [...]

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Have a Few Hours? Do We Have an End of Summer Project for You!

While spring and fall are the perfect seasons for exterior painting projects, some projects can certainly be tackled as summer winds down. These projects are quick and easy and can usually be accomplished in just a few hours on a sunny afternoon.  Don't let the small time investment fool you.  The impact they can have [...]

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Change Your Color, Change Your Mood.

Many factors can affect your mood.  Physical factors such as hunger, sleepiness, and stress can put us in a bad mood.  Environmental factors like an unexpected warm, sunny day in the middle of winter can improve your mood.  Studies have shown that the colors you surround yourself with can also affect your mood.  So, if [...]

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What You Should Know About Gutters

If you want to avoid passing through a water fall each time you leave your house during a rain storm, you should consider having gutters added to the exterior of your home. Gutters are great way to make your home safer, more accessible and better protected from harmful erosion. Why Gutters Rain gutters are definitely not [...]

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Exterior Painting: No Time Like the Present

Exterior painting is a huge project that many people will put off as long as possible. However, this is one project you should not put off too long, or you will literally miss your chance. When to Paint Exterior painting should be done in the summer or up until early fall. The reason behind this [...]

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From Drab to Fab: Five Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

Spring is right around the corner, and along with it comes the long days and warm weather you need to tackle those outdoor projects. If you are amazed by surrounding homes but less than satisfied with your own home's curb appeal, it's time for a change. These five simple changes can boost your curb appeal, [...]

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How to Refresh Your Deck for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, meaning more backyard BBQs, relaxing evenings on the deck, and kids spending the long daylight hours playing outdoors. Chances are you’ve already taken a peek at your deck or even embraced the warmer temperatures and had your first backyard dining of the year. If so, you probably noticed the [...]

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Picking a Color for Your Home’s Exterior

As a long winter draws to an end and spring begins to take over, you may need to begin renovating the exterior of you home. One of the biggest decisions you may have to face is what color to paint your exterior. How do you choose a color that fits your style? These six tips [...]

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