Color is often an individual choice, but there are also some hard and fast rules you should be aware of. The Atlanta Painting Company is here to help keep you on the right track. So, if you are itching to get out your brushes and rollers, here are some tips for color trends in 2018.

Constant Colors

Before we get into the standouts for the year, it’s nice to remember there are colors that are still going strong. These are the colors that Atlanta homeowners are using in everyday painting projects, regardless of trends.

Interior Colors

Gray is still holding its own, thanks to the many neutral shades available. The versatility of painting with gray is why this color scheme remains popular in 2018. There isn’t a room in your home where gray will not complement your décor.

Orange is the new black? Not when it comes to trending colors. Black is still a prime choice for homeowners, especially when it comes to accented walls. Some of the colors that are grabbing the attention of homeowners are Onyx, Shadow and Black Flame.

Green never goes away; it’s just the names that change. Cooler shades of green are most popular, taking on names that you may recognize from your garden. Sage and thyme are among the many shades of green that have borrowed their names from well-known herbs.

Did you know that you can paint your home in berries? Well, not quite, but you can draw from many of the different shades that berries offer. “Berries” is the collective name for a group of shades that offer homeowners a broad array of colors to choose from. Cherry, grape and blueberry are some of the options that have been popular for some time.

Exterior Colors

Yet again, neutral colors top the list of choices for most homeowners when it comes to exterior paint. Just like in 2017, neutral shades of green or yellow are expected to feature in the color scheme of many Atlanta homes. These colors are ideal for ensuring curb appeal when you need your home to look good in its surroundings.

White as a trim color choice is still trending and is expected to continue to do so as long as homeowners remain inspired by combining it with shades such as beige and tan. As a focal point, these colors are the perfect selection for homeowners who want to make their property stand out.

Just as it is in the interior of the home, gray is making waves as an exterior palette choice. Sidings, roofs and garage doors are some of the main areas that can benefit from gray paint. It is also a popular option when it comes to pairing it with white trim.

Blue has always been a common color for exteriors; however, with more vibrant shades of paint emerging, more and more homeowners are getting on board with opting for blue as their primary exterior color.

2018 Color Trends

Now for the big reveal: The colors that are trending strong in 2018.These are the colors that industry experts agree are going to gain popularity throughout the year. If you want to impress family and friends with your rich color scheme, consider the following options for your next painting project.

Warm yellows are emerging as a contender for top color pick in any room. Paint manufacturers are clamoring to provide homeowners with a greater range of yellow shades that are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Boca Raton Blue is another color that seems to be creeping up in the top contender stakes in 2018. This color inspires images of lying on the beach, watching the waves crash in a turbulent sea. For homeowners who love natural pine frames for pictures or mirrors, this is the color for you.

Are you ready for some Ultra Violet in your life? Well, you should be. Color consultants across the country agree that Ultra Violet is set to potentially become the favorite shade for homeowners in 2018.

The year is not over, yet, so if you need help picking a color scheme for your interior or exterior painting project, let the experts help. At the Atlanta Painting Company, we are here to guide you through all your trending paint choices. Call the Atlanta Painting Company today if you would like further help in choosing your colors.