With the housing market taking an upturn now, this is an exciting time for sellers and buyers. Getting ready to sell your home takes time and planning. The curbside appeal must be at its best and staging the interior just so clenches the deal. Color plays a crucial role in both instances. Exterior Colors to… Read More
While the jury is still out on some of their findings, they have determined that color does affect humans to some extent. Restaurants Use Kitchen Colors to Change the Mood Using color to influence mood is not anything new. There is an entire industry built around the psychology of color for restaurants. For example, there’s… Read More
These colors tend to highlight the architectural features of the house and make them stand out. What is the style of your home? Is it painted in the way that accentuates its character? Make your home’s future stand out by using colors today that honor its past. Colonial Revival Many colonial revival homes have a… Read More