Summer is here! Often known as one of the most fun seasons thanks to its association with summer vacations, beachside days, and warm weather, it only seems fitting that Summer color trends reflect these positive feelings. Whether you’re repainting your home or just looking for a bit of style inspiration, we’ve pulled together the top 4 Summer color trends you can bring home to enjoy summer year-round.

Bring in the Sunshine

Summer is the season where we get the most amount of daylight and sunshine each day. After a year of spending so much time indoors, it makes sense that we would want to hold on to the sunshine as long as possible. For that exact reason, the bright yellow Illuminating was chosen as the Pantone color of the year for 2021, along with Ultimate Grey. The contrast of these two colors conveys resiliency and hope but also helps to create a positive atmosphere. These colors are the perfect choice for bedrooms or bathrooms where yellow is the primary color or exteriors where grey is the dominant color with a yellow door to accent.

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Beach Days

The sand under your feet and the sound of waves crashing often bring a sense of peace and tranquility. This summer color trends brings the beach home with you without worrying about having to clean up any sand. Blue hues offer a peaceful and serene vibe to any room and complement well with various colors. If you’re really looking to complete the look of a beach, we’d recommend pairing a light or tropical shade of blue with a light tan color.

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One with Nature

Maybe you aren’t one for the beach and would like to get in touch with nature in a different way. Earthy tones are perfect for those who love a hike or camping trip in the calm, lush forests. These natural hues offer a connection to nature and help make your space warmer and engaging, elevating your comfort. Shades of green, brown, and tan complement each other in a way that makes you feel just like you are out in nature.

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Summer Sunsets

Nothing says color more than a beautiful summer sunset. Nothing embodies summer color trends more than a sunset, from shades of light pinks to deep oranges and rich purples. When added to your home, these colors are perfect as accents to bring pops of color into your space or even be used to paint entire rooms.

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Summer is a time of sunshine-filled days and outdoor activities, so it makes sense that the summer color trends would reflect that. By using our Summer color trends, you can make your summer last all year long. At The Atlanta Painting Company, we not only help your home look its best but help you protect it by providing a long-lasting paint job. Whether it’s your interior or exterior, we have the expertise to deliver results that you’ll love. Contact us today for a quote and discover what we can do for you!