5 tips to refresh your home's exterior

The end of winter is a great time to refresh your home exterior.

Busy holidays and winter weather often compromise your home’s appearance, leaving it in need of a face lift once warmer weather begins. Consider these five tips to give your home’s exterior a good spring cleaning.

1. Give It a Wash

Remove dust or mildew with a power washer. Power washers can be rented at most home improvement stores, and you can find exterior-safe detergent for tough jobs. A long-handled brush and soapy water can also clean up your home’s exterior.

Window washing makes a big difference. Scrub them on the outside and inside. Not only will it neaten your home’s appearance, but you will have a better, brighter view from indoors too.

2. Replace Your House Numbers

You may not think much about the style of numbers on your home, but this small detail can make a big difference. Find a style that matches your home’s architecture or goes well with the color palette of your house’s facade. Home improvement stores offer many styles and materials, including wood, ceramic and metal. Make sure that the numbers are large enough that they can be seen from the street.

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3. Spend Time on Yard Work

Everyone knows weeding is no fun, but it certainly does wonders for curb appeal. Consider setting aside about 10 minutes a day to detect and pull weeds as they grow. If weed-pulling tasks have been neglected for a while, bump this to the top of your weekend to-do list.

Once you clean up the weeds, consider finding native plants for porch planters and your landscape. Not only will they fit in well with your environment, but they will be easier to take care of and will clean up your home’s exterior.

4. Clean Your Gutters

Let’s face it, cleaning gutters can be daunting. This messy and thankless task is often avoided by homeowners everywhere. However, without maintenance gutters will not function well and the built-up debris will detract from all your home’s overall aesthetic. Fortunately, if you do not feel up to this job, there are contractors who can complete it effectively.

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5. Change Your Paint

Repainting is one of the best ways to freshen up the exterior of your home with the most noticeable change. You may be weary of the current color and want to change it, or the old paint job may require refreshing. Painting is the best way to increase your curb appeal and can make a shabby-looking house shine in no time. Change trim colors to increase contrast or add accent colors. An all-white house can gain a whole new character with just a touch of navy blue.

If you are ready to take the house-painting plunge, The Atlanta Painting Company is currently offering a couple specials. Right now, you can save $200 on any project over $2, 000. Work with a designer on a project over $1, 500, and receive a free color consult.