Color combinations that will accent a red brick exterior

When the earth comes alive in the spring, your home may begin to look at little weathered and worn. This is a great time to breathe new life into your brick home and give it a new look for the summer. With a little consideration, you can change the entire look of your home by updating the home exterior while retaining the original brick.

What Color are Your Bricks?

You may be tempted to say your bricks are red, but they often contain subtle variations in color that can serve as the basis for accent colors for your home. Study the bricks carefully and identify as many different colors are you can. You may discover subtle shades or purple, gray, brown or blue hidden within the texture of the brick.

Choose a Color from Your Bricks

Once you have identified the colors in your bricks, it is time to choose one of those colors as the inspiration for your new color scheme. Check that the color will work with your roofing and other permanent landscape features.

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Create Color Combinations

Once you have chosen the primary color for your new color scheme, you are now ready to choose one or more accent colors to complement it. Try these combinations, depending on the colors you identified in your bricks.

  • Blue and Gray: These neutral colors lend themselves well to homes with a lot of bright flowers or colorful accents in the yard. It creates a striking backdrop for bold landscaping in warm colors, like red, orange and yellow.
  • Cream and Sage: This color combination makes your home look cooler in the heat of summer and appears inviting to guests. It works well, with delicate flowers like climbing roses that emit fragrance into the air.  If your landscape is mostly green with few flowers, cream and sage may tend to blend into the background.
  • Plum and Cream: Intense plum can add color to your home and works especially well with a yard that is predominantly green. Add a few pastel or white flowers to the mixture and this charming combination will look like a dream.
  • Charcoal and Light Gray: This combination sets off red bricks and gives an elegant appearance to the home. It may be best suited for formal shrubs and flower beds but will work with informal beds as well.

If you are looking for color options that will work for your home, read through our blog or contact us today to get some advice from the professionals at The Painting Company.