If you are wondering which sheen will give your paint job the best gloss finish, you are not alone. A large number of Atlanta homeowners rely on the experts to guide them on the right course.

Sheen & Gloss Explained

At the Atlanta Painting Company, we understand that sheen can be confusing when you don’t exactly know what the term means. Simply put, sheen is the gloss level that will affect how the finish looks in each of your rooms or exterior walls.
Choosing the perfect sheen for a room will really make a difference when it comes to the end result. There are a number of levels of gloss sheens available; which are typically designed for use in specific rooms. It all depends on what factors, such as what the room is used for, the position of the room in the house, and lighting levels.

Low Gloss

Reflectivity is not the friend of imperfections, which is why flat, matte, and low sheen finishes are often the choice for new builds and fresh ceilings. If you want to hide any flaws on a surface, these low gloss options are a great option for both ceilings and walls.
The same principle applies when finishing drywall that is less than perfect due to poor taping. If you have any porous joint compounds that you need to paint, matte sheen will produce an excellent finish. Due to the fact that you want bedrooms to be a calm and relaxing space, choosing a matte sheen will prevent any sharp reflections that may cause discomfort and irritate the eyes.

Matte sheen results in a finish that is smooth and creates an elegant space to spend time in. One of the main issues, however, is the fact that low gloss, flat sheens are dirt magnets. You may need to store some of the original paint for touchups when the paintwork becomes too difficult to clean.
Eggshell, Satin, and Low Luster Sheen Finishes
If you are attempting to create rooms that are warm, low luster and eggshell finishes are the ideal choice. They possess great resistance to dirt and staining; requiring a lot less maintenance over the long term.

Rooms that experience heavy traffic deserve a satin sheen treatment. Durability is one of the main selling points of satin sheen; so, choose this type of paint for hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Satin sheens typically have some moisture absorption and produce a finish that is aesthetically pleasing.

Glossy Sheens

For your hallway, trim, and moldings, choose either a semi-gloss or gloss sheen. They reflect most of the light that hits the surface and really brightens up the space. Both are highly durable, with the latter being the perfect match for rooms such as the kitchen, where grease is likely to build up from cooking.

Reserve your glossy sheens for perfect walls, as the reflectivity shows up flaws in all their ugly glory. Ideal for areas where excellent moisture absorbance is needed, glossy sheens will provide the painting solution for features such as exterior railings and garage shutters.
Prepping the surface is much more important when it comes to using glossy sheens. You want to fully benefit from the finish that this sheen offers, so make sure the surface is ready before you apply paint.

The sheen you opt for should depend on the needs of the room or surface. Where is the room? Is moisture, grease, or dirt a concern? Paint is not only an aesthetic feature; it also provides protection for the surface below. Remember to also think about the amount of lighting in an area before choosing a sheen.

Consult a Professional

If you are painting for the first time or have had a bad experience with choosing the right sheen in the past, consulting with a professional painter is recommended. Someone who understands paint can provide you with expert advice based on the orientation of your home, dimensions of each room, and the lighting levels.

The keen eye of a painter can pick out areas of a property and recommend the type of sheen that will result in the perfect finish. Protecting your surfaces is also important, as otherwise, you may end up having to repaint sooner than you think. Choosing the right sheen may make the difference between surfaces that are protected and those that are left exposed to the elements. By bringing in a trained professional, you are likely to save on repainting or repair costs in the long term.

When choosing the right type of sheen for your project is causing you headaches, reach out to the experts at the Atlanta Painting Company. We have the tools and know-how to get the job done, quickly and cleanly.