Have you considered which type of paint you are going to need for your house? There are different types of sheens, as well as oil or latex paint. Latex is durable and easy to clean, making it a favorite with Atlanta homeowners. Oil-based paints are also available and are popular for projects involving trim because it is more durable and suited to surfaces that are likely to take more abuse.

Selecting Your Sheen

Glossier paints are not as much of a pain to clean, which makes them ideal for homeowners who have small children or pets. You can wipe most dirt and smears off with little effort, leaving your paint work looking as good as new. The downside of high gloss is that it tends to highlight any imperfections coming through the surface.

For walls that have a lot of imperfections that you can’t easily correct, you may want to opt for a flat or matte paint. Ideally, you should reserve this type of finish for rooms that are not likely to experience heavy traffic. Alternatively, opting for an eggshell sheen will both hide imperfections and allow for easier cleaning.

Color Schemes

When thinking about color schemes, it helps to have access to a color wheel. You will notice that the colors next to each other blend harmoniously with each other. A great example of this is purple being positioned beside blue on a standard color wheel. However, the further two colors are apart, the more they will complement each other.

Cooler shades of colors such as grays, blues and greens will help open up a room and make the space appear large. However, choosing darker shades will make the room look smaller. Neither result is necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on your personal preference for the room and whether you intend on continuing to live in your house for the foreseeable future.

Soothing Colors

Overlapping shades of your favorite colors can create a soothing environment. However, calm blues and greens are all but universally guaranteed to transform any room into a tranquil living space. These colors are especially recommended for bathrooms or bedrooms, as these are the spaces where we go to relax most often.

Just remember to ensure that you use similar shades for your trim, curtains, bedding or towels to complete the effect. The last thing you want is a room that clashes when the aim is relaxation. Conflicting or loud colors can become very distracting and may even give you a headache.

A Touch of Elegance

There are so many trending neutral colors available on the market now that elegance is within reach of every homeowner. One of the most impressive color schemes is almond walls, complemented with brown trims that contain hints of red. Neutral colors are popular because they allow for so much variation in house décor.

Choosing a neutral primary color will allow you to change your furniture and accessories or even repaint your trim without having to repaint your walls. Neutral grays, especially, have grown in popularity with many Atlanta homeowners.

Vibrant Colors

Shades of orange and gold, red and purple are the go-to choice for homeowners wanting to make the décor in a room pop! This is where it is once again important to get the color wheel out. You can see how different colors look together and get a better idea of which shades to use in order to achieve your results.

Black and red create great contrast in a room, if you are going for a vibrant look. However, you should take the size of the room into account when choosing your colors. Vibrant colors are best reserved for rooms that get plenty of light so the space does not feel closed in and suffocating.

Paint Your House with Atlanta Painting Company

The reality is there are plenty of color schemes you can choose for your house. However, opting for the best will rely on taking a number of factors into consideration. Personal taste comes into play, and then you have to account for the shape, dimensions, and orientation of each room. It always helps to have the expert guidance of a professional.

At the Atlanta Painting Company, we can assist you in choosing the perfect colors for your next painting project. Call us today to find out more about the trending colors that are giving the homes of our customers a much-needed boost.