Change your color, change your mood.

Many factors can affect your mood.  Physical factors such as hunger, sleepiness, and stress can put us in a bad mood.  Environmental factors like an unexpected warm, sunny day in the middle of winter can improve your mood.  Studies have shown that the colors you surround yourself with can also affect your mood.  

If you are feeling moody, consider a change of color for your home or office space


The softer shades of blue may evoke thoughts of a beautiful beach vacation or a cloudless sky for you.  Whatever your thoughts are, blue is considered to be a soothing color.  These shades are particularly popular in living and bedrooms.  According to Jenna Pizzigati-Cooper of Pizzigati Designs, “It’s known to be conductive to aid in sleep and provide calmness.” If stress is getting the best of you, choose a light shade of blue that is cool without being cold.

Reds and Oranges

For a space that is the life of the party, choose vibrant colors like reds and oranges.  These shades are bold and stimulating.  Great colors for a dining or living space, shades of red are thought to increase heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure which makes it a poor choice for a bedroom.  Stick to the living and dining rooms for these lively choices.  If an entire room of red and orange seems too overwhelming, try painting a single accent wall with the crimson hues to bring attention and life to the space. Be careful, though: While orange can remind us of a fall color scheme, the traditional harvest color can also stimulate appetite, so use sparingly!

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Different shades of green bring the outdoors inside. With the abundance of green found in nature, we can not help but feel peaceful in its presence.  Green evokes feelings of calmness and relaxation, so it is appropriate for any room in the house where you need that feeling of peacefulness.


Traditionally confined to use in little girls’ rooms, pink is getting some good press lately.  Bright shades of pink, such as the color we associate with Bubble Gum, can induce a feeling of calmness in residents and visitors to the space which lasts about 20 minutes.  Lighter, creamier hues of pink are often associated with romance.


White may seem like the boring choice of apartment dwellers, but if you are feeling cramped in your home, a bright white coat of paint will make the space seem clean, new, open and airy.  White doesn’t have to be boring.  Choose colorful framed art or accent pieces to bring the splashes of color you crave. Even in a colorful room, shades of white are popular choices for trim that pops.

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Bored with blue? Petrified of pink?  Call the Atlanta Painting Company today to set up a color consultation and estimate.  A good mood is just a few brush strokes away.