4 tips for choosing the right home exterior color

Painting the exterior of your home can breathe new life into your home, enhancing the natural beauty of your property. But choosing the right color scheme is important to creating your vision of home-sweet-home. While it may be tempting to simply choose a color you like, there is more to consider when you are choosing a new color for your home.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Some styles are more suited for certain color palettes than others. Do some research to determine the common colors used for your style of home. Victorian homes look great with contrasting colors to highlight intricate details, while a Spanish Colonial looks great with more subdued colors.

Don’t Ignore Natural Elements

This includes the color of the soil, trees and any other geological features, such as a striking backdrop of mountains or rolling fields of corn. Choosing a color that contrasts with those features will make both your home and the geological features you love stand out.

Check Out the Neighbors

While you don’t want to choose an identical color scheme of neighboring homes, you should choose one that complements the existing colors on your street or in your local neighborhood. A bright orange house will look out of place if the neighborhood homes are in neutral browns and greens. Aim to complement the existing color scheme.

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Express Your Personality

If your home is set back from neighboring houses or is located in a secluded area, you have plenty of room to play with color to express your family’s personality. Soft pastels can create a fairytale look, while warm neutrals create the illusion of happiness. Muted greens and blues trimmed in white give your home and property a peaceful look. To give your home a blast of color, stick with neutral colors and add bright colors to accents like doors and windows or other interesting features of your home.

Try the Color Out

Many paint companies now offer free online software for choosing paint colors. You can upload a photo of your home and try out a variety of color schemes to see how it will look in real life. This can be especially helpful for families struggling to find a color that everyone likes. Experiment with different shades and hues and change out the trim to fine-tune the look.

Keep in mind that painting the exterior of your house isn’t like painting a room. If you don’t like the color after it’s finished, changing it in a few months probably isn’t an option. Think carefully and choose a color scheme you can live with in the long run. If you need help choosing colors for your home,  contact The Painting Company today. We will be happy to suggest color schemes for your home exterior. We provide a free estimate for painting your home and right now, you can take 10 percent discount on jobs over $2, 000.