Get inspired by these classic color combinations

Are you considering painting a room or rooms in your home? Before you reach for another gallon of beige paint, have you considered delving into the world of classic color combinations? Beautiful vibrant paint color schemes should not be confined solely to the pages of magazines. We live life in color, and with a basic understanding of the color palette, your home can come alive with beautiful, bright hues. It’s not too late to make a New Year’s Resolution to get a beautiful home by updating your home’s color palette.

Choosing Color Combinations? Consult the Color Wheel

The best-known color wheel was developed by American artist Albert Henry Munsell. The color wheel organizes a variety of colors by their hue, value and chroma. Hue refers to the color itself, value measures how light or dark the color is compared to a neutral gray, and chroma describes the brightness of the color. The color wheel organizes all of this information placing colors of similar temperature next to each other. Designers use this tool in the following paint color schemes:

  • Monochromatic: colors from the same hue but different values and chroma
  • Analogous: colors chosen from two hues that are adjacent on the color wheel
  • Triads: three hues that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel
  • Complementary: two colors that are located directly across from each other on the wheel

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Popular Paint Color Schemes

When choosing colors, a homeowner can easily become overwhelmed. If you’re struggling to find the perfect color for your home, take some inspiration from these classic color combinations:

  • Nature: Imagine a light, earthy green with a rich brown or a pale, sky blue paired with a deeper tone of an ocean blue. These colors of nature — greens, blues and browns — work well together and evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity.
  • Calming Tones: The last thing you want to experience in the early morning hours are colors that shock your system. Consider calming tones for the bathroom and bedroom areas, such as a powdery blue and gray combination.
  • Layered Whites: Did you know that white is not just white? White paint comes in shades such as Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, Ballet White, Ice Mist, White Heaven and Mascarpone. White is a classic color that brightens any space and creates a crisp clean look. Using a monochromatic color palette with different shades of white creates variety and visual interest to a room or hallway.
  • Vibrant Tones: Some rooms such as library or study seem custom made for vibrant colors that invite deep thinking and mental stimulation. These rooms do well with bright color schemes such as red on red or aubergine with a gray-green complement.

Need some professional color advice? Want help finding your color inspiration? Contact The Painting Company today and our team will be happy to help.

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