Color your world with a fresh coat of paint this holiday season

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is right around the corner!

Family and friends will soon be gathering at your home to celebrate together. It is a special time of year and everything that you are surrounded by should feel that way, too.

Take the time to pick some pretty colors and get painting to make your home feel festive. Or better yet, call the professionals at The Painting Company of Atlanta. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your home a facelift and impress your guests. And by painting now, you’ll be ready for spring to arrive when you’d rather be outside in the warm fresh air! Here are just a few trending paint colors for 2017.

Classic Navy Blue

Whether your interior style is country, modern or traditional, navy blue is a surprisingly neutral color that goes with almost every other color. Navy makes one of the best backdrops for every room in your home and, if you’re a seasonal accessory decorator, it will coordinate with spring, summer, fall and winter accents. Paint the baseboards bright white if you enjoy a nautical look.

Gray is the New Black

It’s worth noting that fashion trends, many times, follow decorating trends. For example, gray has made a comeback in fashion and its many shades make a perfect and refreshing update for walls, cabinets, entryways and foyers. This classic color lends a touch of class to any home. One especially trending shade is “greige, ” a combination of gray and beige that results in a warmer color.

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Rich Chocolate Brown

Turn up the volume of any room with brown walls. Brown, traditionally used for baseboards and trim, now takes center stage as a bold, yet subtle statement color. Its dark, warm tone is like a sweet hug from a friend. Teamed with bright furniture and colorful accents, chocolate brown adds a classic element to any room, large or small.

Green with Envy

Painting a room green, whether it’s light lime or dark pine, brings a touch of the outside world inside. And just like Mother Nature, colorful environmental influences will make a cheerful, friendly space. Everything will coordinate just like the great outdoors. Painting one wall a dark green and the remaining walls a lighter shade can add dimension to your room.

Many Shades of White

Classics are always in style, so don’t forget about the wonderful world of whites. Whether you select a creamy white, a bright white or a white with a touch of blue, a fresh coat of white paint refreshes any room any time of the year. White also creates the perfect backdrop for furniture, artwork and home accents.

Melon is Orange at its Best

Go for it! Orange is showing up and showing off in many homes throughout the country and for a good reason. It’s bright, bold and youthful, welcoming family and friends!

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, in this case, the hand of the paintbrush. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are looking for some interior painting advice before the holidays,  contact The Painting Company of Atlanta for ideas. We have the right color for you; we’re sure of it.

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