Cracking is not something that many people equate with paint. However, cracking paint is a common problem, and can be caused for numerous reasons. If you have paint that is cracking in your home and you are wondering why, or you are getting ready to paint your home and want to prevent cracking paint.

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Here are some reasons for cracking paint

Improper Preparation

Taking the time to prepare your surface for painting is important. It helps to ensure that the paint will stick and helps to prevent cracking paint. Properly preparing your surface for painting may include properly cleaning the surface, sanding down the surface, stripping away peeling or damaged paint, filling in dings and dents, and priming the surface.

Too Little or Too Much Paint

Preparing the surface for paint is important, but using the right amount of paint on your surface is equally as important. Using too little or too much paint can cause your paint to crack fairly early on. The best technique is to use thin, even layers of paint on your surface. Add layers of paint to the surface to get the perfect finish for your surface without using too little or too much paint.

paint choices for non cracking paint

Cheap or Low-Quality Paint

For some people, price plays a key role in which paint they choose. But cheaper is not always better. Cheap or low-quality paint may have a shorter lifespan and may crack or peel easier and faster than quality paint. Research the reputation of paint brands to help you select a quality paint for your project.

Low Adhesion

Paint that does not adhere to your surface properly can peel or crack. The most common reasons why paint may not adhere is because the surface was not properly prepped, painting conditions may not have been ideal because it was too cold or humid, or the wrong type of paint for the surface was used.

Not Waiting for Paint to Dry Before Reapplying

Anytime you are layering paint; you need to ensure the first layer is completely dry. If you fail to do so, you may cause your paint to crack.

Aging Paint

Finally, as your paint ages, it may begin to crack. This indicates the paint is at the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

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