Great Summer Projects

While spring and fall are the perfect seasons for exterior painting projects, some projects can certainly be tackled as summer winds down. These summer projects are quick and easy and can usually be accomplished in just a few hours on a sunny afternoon.  Don’t let the small time investment fool you.  The impact they can have on your home’s attractiveness and long-term maintenance are significant.

Check Your Curb Appeal at the Front Door

Your home’s front door should serve as an inviting focal point of your home.  If your front door isn’t sending the message you would like, the end of summer is a great time to tackle this project.  Choosing eye popping shades of red and orange can bring a visitor’s focus to the entryway while shades of brown, blue, or even green may work well and complement your home’s existing color scheme without being boring.  Check out our guide for choosing the perfect exterior color for inspiration.

Banish Exterior Mildew

The warmth and moisture of summer creates a perfect environment for mildew to prosper on your home’s exterior. Trim shrubs and any exterior foliage that are close to your home and block the sun’s rays from reaching the siding.  Allowing the sunlight to stream in will banish mildew. Save the pressure washing for cleaning and refreshing the deck; for exterior areas that have mildew, simply clean with a solution of three parts water to one part bleach.

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Banish the Damage of Summer

From weather to lawn equipment, the exterior of our homes can take a beating all summer long.  Take a few minutes to walk around the outside of your home and take a careful look at it from top to bottom. Make note of any place that is chipped, possibly from a stray weed wacker strike, or otherwise showing signs of wear or damage.  Make arrangements to fix these very minor issues now before they become big problems later on.

Correct Paint Failures

Paint does more than beautify your home’s exterior; it seals and provides protection from the elements.  Moisture is a home’s worst enemy.  Look for places where the paint is peeling on trim, siding or soffit and fix these issues immediately to seal and protect the underlying structure.  The end of summer is also a great time to remove old caulking from windowsills and crevices in your home and replace with a quality waterproof product.

Let Us Handle Your Summer Project

Overwhelmed by all that you need to do? The Atlanta Painting Company offers free estimates for the summer projects that are beyond your reach.  Book your appointment today to enjoy your free time this weekend with peace of mind.