You’ve likely already been knee-deep in home improvement projects to get your home value up for a potential sale, but if no one is biting, then you may still have a lingering curb appeal problem. You don’t have to add exotic shrubbery or drop the price to get traction; you can start with adding accent colors to the exterior. There are several great opportunities to paint your home with an accent color that can be just the splash of personality needed to get a buyer in the door.

Window Shutters

Shutters are a tried and true location for adding accent colors to a home in a classy way. Painting your window shutters with a complementary color adds pops of excitement all over the exterior.

Front Door

The front door of your home can make or break a first impression because of the focus and attention it draws to itself. Since doors can be made from a wide variety of materials and may include windows or stained glass, care should be taken when painting them to not cause any damage.

Garage Door

The garage door is likely to be the largest block of space to accent on your exterior. Go for a color that’s just a shade or two away from the primary color of the exterior to add a broad panel of color that is visible from afar.

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Gutters, Drains and Downspouts

Traditionally, gutters and downspouts are painted with accent colors that blend them into the surrounding exterior, but you can make a statement with a bold accent color selection here. Whichever color you choose will extend across the longest lines of your home, so try to pick one that goes with the rest of your hue selections.

Pillars and Columns

The Greeks were using columns for both structural integrity and a dash of style thousands of years ago. By giving yours a fresh coat of paint, the sturdy support structures will stand out as much as it helps your home stand up.

Gates and Railings

Gates and railings trail through the porch and yard, extending your color choices away from the main structure. They can also be slightly difficult to see from the road, so brightening them with color will help let street viewers know about their existence without having to step into the yard.

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Fresh Accent Colors

Of course, just selecting which portions of the exterior to paint is just the beginning. There is still the process of picking out the right colors to go with for the base, and that’s before a single brush touches your home. If you want to get the biggest boost to your curb appeal, let The Painting Company make sure every speck of color goes on perfectly. Contact us today for your free quote!