Exterior Painting: No time like the present

Exterior painting is a huge project that many people will put off as long as possible. However, this is one project you should not put off too long, or you will literally miss your chance

When to Paint

Exterior painting should be done in the summer or up until early fall. The reason behind this is that paint will react best to the warmer temperatures during this time of year. When painting is done during other times of the year, it can result in uneven finishes. There is also a greater chance during other times of the year for the painting project to get interrupted by inclement weather.

Scientific Reasons

There is more to painting in the summer than the fact that the kids are out of school to help you. Actually, there are scientific reasons behind it. Most paint will not tolerate exposure below 40 degrees. The quality of the paint can not be guaranteed below this point. For this reason, if you want the best quality results you should paint when it is 40 degrees or warmer outside. However, there are some premium types of paint that have been engineered to handle colder temperatures. Even these high tech paints, however, typically can not tolerate temperatures lower than 35. So, summer provides plenty of nice, warm days with scarce rain. And, the best part – the kids are available to help!

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Keep It Dry

Paint should only be applied to a dry surface. The occurrence of rain and snow in the autumn and winter months is much greater than in summer. If you do have a hard rain you should wait a full day to allow the exterior to dry before attempting to paint. Do not forget about dew, as well. Dew can turn a perfectly dry house into a damp mess when paint is applied. Check the weather to look for low humidity. Low humidity will affect the amount of dew as well.

Are You Fast Enough

The real trick to painting the exterior of a house at any time of year, though, is how fast can you paint. Can you get your project completed before the next unannounced thunder shower hits? Will you be done before the dew sets in for the night? For these reasons, as well as many others, many homeowners simply opt to let a professional have at this huge home maintenance task.

Why It Matters

The quality of your paint job matters greatly because it contributes to the overall value of your home. A good paint job can also help protect wood from exposure to the elements. This in turns gives more longevity to your entire home. Exterior paint also has a tendency to set the pace for your home maintenance projects. If the paint is allowed to fall into bad shape, you will be more inclined to let other smaller household chores fall behind too. A fresh, new paint job, however, has the magical power to motivate most homeowners to tackle new projects, too.