How you choose to paint your exteriors can not only make your house more aesthetically pleasing but can also boost your curb appeal and resale value. So as a homeowner, the decision to give your house a fresh coat of paint is a rather important one.

If you’re considering sprucing up the exterior walls of your house, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the choices you have. In the past, homeowners haven’t cared much for their home’s external appearance, so most houses were painted white, with the occasional brick house on the block.

However, we’ve noticed a recent shift in external designs, where bold and vibrant hues are replacing traditional white palettes. Furthermore, people have specific color schemes in mind to distinguish between their walls, siding, trim, and front door.

This article introduces you to some of the exterior paint color trends of 2022. Give it a read if you’d like to know what’s in vogue these days.

Exterior Painting Trends of 2022

1.   Earthy Neutrals

Earthy, organic shades that mimic clay, earth, and stone are popular choices amongst homeowners who live amidst lush greenery. These warming tones are more common with house interiors, but lately, they’ve been cropping up in exterior color palettes.

As opposed to bright and distinguishing exteriors, these organic neutral shades can easily help you conceal blemishes, nicks, or stains on your exterior walls. So you can go longer without needing to repaint your walls just because their stains stand out.

If your house is surrounded by trees and vibrant vegetation, painting your walls in warm, earthy, sepia tones can give your house a cozy and welcoming feel.

2.   Dark Exteriors with Contrasts

If you’d like your home to be warmer, you can always opt for darker shades for your exterior walls. Dark, monochromatic color trends for exteriors have always been around, but in recent years, they’ve incorporated trim accents and splashes of pastel colors to give your home a fresh and quirky look.

You can distinguish your doors, trims, and accents from your dark exterior walls with non-conventional splashes of color. Think pastel pinks, baby blues, and lemon yellows! Not only do these shades make your house stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, but they can highlight unique aspects of your home’s architecture. The breezy pastels set against deep browns and blacks will ensure that everybody passing through your neighborhood takes note of your house.

3.   Classic Navy

Blue has always been a happy color associated with peace and stillness, making it a popular choice for exterior color palettes. Navy blue shades, in particular, work well with both classic and modern buildings, giving your house an elegant and polished look.

If you’re not a fan of single-colored exteriors, you can spruce up this color scheme with contrasting colors. Natural wooden accents, rich yellows, and rustic reds and browns compliment navy blue quite well. To pull off a more sophisticated yet simple look for your house, you can always go with the classic navy blue and white trim.

4.   Vibrant Greens

Like blue, the color green can also have calming effects on a person. People tend to associate greens with the color of nature, trees, leaves, and grass. If you live in the busier parts of a city or an urban apartment, it can be difficult to find natural greenery in the landscape around you.

Green exteriors can give your home a calm and rejuvenating quality usually linked with plants and nature. If you have a mini garden or plants in window boxes around your home, deeper, darker shades of green can help complement them. Dark greens work well, especially when you have leaves and plants that are a shade lighter than your wall colors.

Lots of homeowners today opt for green exteriors in a conscious effort to move towards environmentalism and conservation.

House exteriors painted in different shades of red

Charming little house with porch and flowers.

5.   Off-Whites with Color Doors

Do you like your white-colored house as it is and don’t want to make any changes? Then you don’t have to! If none of the previously mentioned trends are calling to you and you’d prefer to keep your off-white exteriors, this trend might interest you.

When it’s time to give your exterior walls a facelift, you don’t always have to opt for an entirely new color style. Tweaking some aspects of your color presentation is enough to boost your aesthetic and curb appeal.

You can retain your off-white colors but paint your door a contrasting color to make it pop amongst the white. If you’d like to shake things up a little, consider rosy hues, deep pastel pinks, or ocean blues.

6.   All Black

The best way to ensure that your house never goes unnoticed is to paint it all black. Nothing screams class and sophistication like a house with all-black hues. Black looks good on everything, both on traditional-style homes and modern ones.

If your house is surrounded by lush green landscaping, the color pairs well with your surroundings. It can serve as a great contrast to the greenery, while the greenery serves as a great contrast to the house. You can also opt for multiple hues of black if you’re hesitant to commit to one color.

Why These Color Choices?

If there’s one thing these new choices reveal, it’s that people want to make a statement. Homeowners feel the need to set themselves apart from a sea of similarities. They want their homes to reflect their individuality and preferences. And these choices show that they aren’t afraid to express themselves.

This new wave of bold, bright, and statement-making exteriors could be owing to the hardships of the past couple of years. After a prolonged time of hardship and grief, people want to be reminded of hope and happiness. These vibrant color choices are a way for people to celebrate their lives and look toward a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Every homeowner has a creative vision for their exteriors. You’ll need skilled professionals to effectively execute that vision. So if you have an exterior painting project you need help with, get in touch with us at Atlanta Painting Company. We provide both commercial and residential painting services and strive to deliver long-lasting, quality results to our customers. Take a look at our portfolio here and request a free quote here. If you have further questions, call us at (770) 551-0101.