Autumn is fast approaching, and those fall color schemes are beginning to show. With a small paint job, you can bring the colors of fall indoors, by simply changing your wall paint.

As autumn rolls in, the traditional fall colors of yellows, oranges and reds make their appearance. Those rich harvest colors replace the slowly fading green of spring and summer, opening the way for the deeper colors of the seasons, and you can make the inside of your house just as beautiful as the foliage in the autumn months with a little bit of paint and accent pieces.


Fall Color Schemes

Notably, harvest colors are bold and brilliant, striking in their depth of their primary colors. They are rich, golden and warm in tone. While their boldness is not for everyone, creating that same warm palette in your home is as easy as a simple paint change. For the daring, you can color your walls with yellow-red tones, like pumpkin and goldenrod, for an instant impact. Or you can deeper the color with an aubergine or chocolate color. The warmer tones can brighten a room quickly, but also demand acute color balancing.


If you are not comfortable with the entire room being a solid harvest color, then paint an accent wall to give the room design a pop of color. The harvest colors do not have to be the primary color; it can serve as a secondary accent color, to bring in hints of autumn to the room. You can also just use the harvest colors as accent points throughout the room, with pillows and decorations, leaving the walls a softer color, and allowing the deeper fall hues to liven up the room.


These colors, while warm in nature, can be overwhelming in smaller rooms, so make sure your room size is large enough to take the bold colors. Often deeper, darker hues can make a room feel smaller, so consider the size of the room before choosing your paint. You also want to counter balance the intensity of the yellows and reds by adding smaller pops of contrasting colors, softer creams and whites, to mellow the overall look.


You always want to choose a color palette opposite of primary color to create color balance throughout the entire room. If you paint your walls a deeper, warmer tone of fall, then your accents should be opposite of that. This gives the room a sense of balance, and softens the look. You do not want your colors to compete with each other; you want them to work in concert. Nor do you want deep color on top of deep color, because that can create a heavier feel to the room. When designing, the key is to contrast through coordination.


If you are thinking of changing your room scheme, consider adding the warmth of autumn to your design. A professional paint company can help you decide on your colors, as well as expertly repaint your entire room.  For precision painting, it’s best to call in the painting experts. Color is their specialty!