why fall is a great time to paint your home

Are you thinking about painting the exterior of your house this Fall? A surprisingly important part of the process is deciding when you should start the big project. Exterior paint is designed to be durable, but it is also highly susceptible to moisture and temperature during the drying/curing stage. Paint at the wrong time, and that paint layer will start experiencing serious problems months or even years down the line.

We’ll help make the decision easy — if possible, try to paint your house in the early fall. Here’s why that usually works out to be the best time.

1. The Kids are Back in School

Big house projects work a lot better if there are fewer kids and toys underfoot. Both you and professional painters need as much space as possible to clean, prep and paint your exterior walls (and that’s after finding the time to pick the right color scheme). All in all, the process works a lot better when the kids are back at school and the days are a bit freer when it comes to serious projects. Remember, exterior painting requires plenty of visibility, so it typically needs to be done during the day.

2. Weather Activity is Mild

Obviously, weather patterns change based on climate and good old-fashioned luck, but early fall weather tends to be the most ideal for exterior painting. Summer thunderstorms have passed, but the frequent precipitation seen in later fall and winter hasn’t hit yet. The result is typically a sweet spot where you can expect mild days and relatively little wind. If the air gets too humid or moisture finds another way to mix with the paint, it will bubble and be more likely to peel off in the coming years, which is something you want to avoid.

3. Temperatures Have Fallen

Paint doesn’t just react to moisture — it is also sensitive to temperature. Very hot and cold temperatures won’t allow paint to dry properly and can cause damage before the project even ends. Temperatures in July and August are too hot in many parts of the country, but by the time early fall has arrived, the temperature has dropped to more manageable levels without going too low with winter weather.

paint is sensitive to temperature

4. Temperature Fluctuations Have Stabilized

In addition to average temperature, it’s also important to take into account how much temperatures change throughout the day and night. The less change, the better. As temperatures cool in early fall, they tend to change less between day and night, which is good news for your walls.

5. Outdoor Cleanup Gets Easier

After Labor Day, there are fewer outdoor games, parties, and hobbies. That means cleaning up the yard is easier, and painting is less likely to interrupt any other plans or get in the way of a fun activity. It’s important that painting projects disrupt your life as little as possible!

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