There are few things that can change the personality of your home as quickly, effectively and inexpensively as adding a fresh coat of paint.

From the bright and lively to the ultra-clean look, changing your interior paint color to new color trends can take your outlook from flat to fabulous in no time. Here’s a look at the color palette from designers at Sherwin-Williams and Valspar, two of the top names in interior and exterior painting.

Alabaster is the Color of Serenity

It’s said that classic colors never go out of style, and Sherwin-Williams certainly believes in that statement! Their color of Alabaster (SW 7008), which offers a sense of personal solace and revival — think an oasis of calm, clean, visual relief.

You can pair it with a light blush or gray to continue the mood, or add contrast with a deep shade such as Urbane Bronze (SW 7058) or Gray Area (SW 7052). An understated white shade such as Alabaster also pairs well with exposed wood, which warms the shade and can create a striking contrast with dark appliances or pops of color.

Add Some Contrast

If you have a room that includes lighter colors or white, adding some contrast in brown can really help offset what might otherwise be a plain room. Consider the Sherwin-Williams color Well-Bred Brown (SW 7027), which comes in both interior and exterior formulations, as an option for your contrasting color.

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Want to add a little olive? Check out Valspar’s Good Company palette. Browns, taupes and golden shades can add a classy and sophisticated feel to a room, a look that never goes out of style.

Keep it in the Family

Color palettes are created to allow you the freedom to comfortably stay within a range of tones that will work well together. By selecting colors from within a palette, you’re ensuring that the colors you use will look “just right” whether they’re next to each other or across the home or room.

Both Valspar and Sherwin-Williams have put together beautiful palettes that offer a range of colors to fit your style, personality and the overall feel of your home. When you decide to use a portion of a palette in one room and then other colors from the same palette in an adjoining room, you can bring your guests and family along in what feels like a cohesive structure rather than a disjointed or mismatched home.

Do you need help with interior or exterior painting, or just need a quick consultation on color? We can help you define the look that you want for your home, and then do the hard work of painting it for you so you can simply sit back and admire your fresh, new-looking home. Contact The Painting Company to get your free in-home quote today. Our locally owned and operated business will work with you to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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