Choosing the right interior paint can be a daunting task

With so many different interior paint options available, it can be difficult to decide which trend will give you the best fresh and updated interior look. If you are repainting this winter, be on the lookout for warm, earthy tones to spice up your interior space. 

In recent years, interior design has leaned towards cooler tones throughout the home, but if you’re on the hunt for new interior colors this winter, look for warmer beiges, olive and deep greens, clay colors with hints of orange, and rich browns. Colors such as these are known to bring the warmth back into your living space when the air outside gets brisk and the natural summer hues turn grey. 

So now you’ve purchased the warm paint tones and you’re ready to get painting, but how should you paint? In recent months, retro paint design such as color blocking is on the rise. Color blocking creates a focal point in your room and creates shapes and emphasis on the different colors of interior paint used. If color blocking is too bold for your desired decor, accent walls are also trending this winter. Taking advantage of accent walls allows the use of more neutral colors throughout the space, but still invites an invigorating and warm look into the home. An accent wall also creates a focal point in the room and draws the eye to distinctive decor and style.

If you are skeptical about bringing these warmer tones to your walls, start small. Remember to swatch paint first to get the right idea of what will work for your unique space and taste.