They say that the devil is in the details, and when it comes to painting, they are not far off the mark. Now that summer is winding down,  it is time to think about fall painting projects to make your home pop and keep it protected from winter’s wrath.

Knock on Wood

The summer weather can be rough on doors, and fall is the perfect time to repair and repaint interior and exteriors doors. It is important that the wood on your door is sealed either with paint or with stain and varnish. If the wood should become too dry, it will split. Have you been thinking of a new color for your front door to make the house stand out? Give it a fresh coat of paint this fall and you can get the color you’ve been dreaming of and ensure your door won’t crack.

It might seem like an easy job, painting a door, but it is a little trickier than it sounds. All of the edging and details of the door need prepping, which means sanding off the old finish and filling any holes or cracks in the wood. Then a primer or stain is needed before the paint or varnish goes onto the wood. It is an all day project that is best left to the professionals.

Picture Perfect Windows

Like doors, window trim and sills take a beating year round. Fall is the perfect time to have a professional inspect and repaint the trim and sills. Window casing, trim and sills are a prime spot for dry rot. A properly applied coat of weather resistant paint and primer help to keep these areas looking nice, but they also help to protect them from rain and humidity.

While inspecting the windows for paint damage or dry wood, it is a perfect time to make sure that the window sealing and caulking is in good repair. If the trim and casings need repainting, it becomes a good time to change the trim color too. While the crew is out there, it is a small task to prep and repaint the homes remaining trim.

These two fall chores will help update the look of your home, protect it from the harsh winter elements and prevent dry rot. An ounce of prevention goes a long ways when it comes to staving off more expensive repairs and for maintaining the value of a home. You can trust the Painting Company of Atlanta to give your home a