We LOVE our customers and the reviews they leave us. Here are a couple of Angie’s List reviews that we recently received.

Description Of Work:

They painted all the trim in the house including all the doors. They painted all the walls and ceilings. Many of the rooms had wallpaper or painted over wallpaper so they removed what they could and then skim coated some walls. Living room, dinning room, hallway, 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. They patched up a big gap in our wall left from expanding a doorframe.

Member Comments:

We are so incredibly happy we found The Painting Co. They did a fantastic job especially considering how much was involved. First of all, they responded immediately. They were on the ball with communication the whole process. Second, we thought their quote was extremely fair compared to other quotes we got and given the extent of the work. There was A LOT to do. We bought a 1968 ranch with original wood trim/doors/windows throughout and wallpaper, or several layers of it, in almost all the rooms (5 rooms, a hallway, and three bathrooms). We needed them around the Christmas/New Year and they were very accommodating starting right after Christmas on the 27th and continuing through the following week. It took about 6 days total which I think is actually very quick given what they had to do and also because we lost the key to open our 40 year old windows so they worked in kind of stuffy conditions. Lastly, the finished product was amazing. We had no furniture in the house and that maybe made it a little easier for them to handle the trim because they could spray it, which gave it such a smooth finish. And the skim coating took care of the textured wallpaper in the hall and all the seams in the rooms that had wallpaper painted over it. They also accommodated my request for low VOC wall paint. One last thing, we had just had our floors redone and they took very very good care of the floors. Ok, this is the last thing, but says so much about this company. Our bathrooms were still filthy from the floors being redone (by a company that didn’t clean up after themselves by the way) And I told them not to worry about cleaning up because it wasn’t fair to have them clean up the other people’s mess…but they cleaned up everything beautifully. Above and beyond service all the way!!!!! The house looked pristine.
I can’t say enough good things about this company. I don’t know why good customer service and quality work are getting harder and harder to find but they are, and it makes me appreciate The Painting Co. even more for their professionalism, the product they delivered, and the care they took of our house. ~Colby Chiles

Description Of Work:

20 foot Foyer, several hallways and the ceiling of 2 large rooms.

Our Customers Comments:

Working with the Painting Company was one of the best experiences I’ve had. From the estimate which was thorough and quick I had an estimate 5 minutes after the measurements were taken. Other estimates were $400-500 higher than painting company’s estimate. On the work day the crew showed up early and ready to work, they were efficient and very professional. They prepped the entire area very well, painted a 20 foot foyer and hallways including 2 large rooms’ ceilings in less than 3 hours. They cleaned up and swept and mopped up. They even dusted at the highest part of the foyer for me while they had the ladders. I was very happy and pleased with the work. I have work to be done outside and I will definitely be calling the Atlanta Painting company for this job too. If you need painting call them NOW!! ~John Taitano