Complete exterior home painting is expensive and inconvenient, whether you do it yourself or hire professionals like our team at Atlanta Painting Company. To make your new paint last longer, you need to maintain your home’s exterior. Follow our tips to prevent premature wear and fading of your new exterior paint on your home.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

While your trees, shrubs, and other plants in your landscaping add beauty to your yard, they can impact your home’s exterior if they are too close. When branches rub against the paint, it can cause wear and tear on the surface. Also, too much foliage near the exterior of your home can invite pests and moisture; both can impact the durability of the paint. Trees, bushes, and shrubs around your home should be pruned and trimmed to ensure the branches do not touch the exterior; leaving enough airflow and space around the home.

Reduce Water Damage

Exposure to the elements slowly deteriorates paint over the years. Excessive water is one of the elements to limit when possible. Too much water not only damages the surface of the paint, it can lead to mildew, algae, and mold that can grow on your siding, damaging and staining the paint.

To reduce water damage on your home’s exterior, keep sprinklers and irrigation systems away from the perimeter of your house. It is also important to maintain your gutters and downspouts on your home. Leaking gutters or downspouts can allow excessive water to trickle down your siding, causing damage to your paint and home. Make sure gutters are kept clean and clear, and repair any leaks, to keep drainage from your roof off your home’s exterior. If you need help with repair, replacement, or cleaning of your gutters, our team at Atlanta Painting Company offers professional gutter services.

Water can also damage your paint from underneath. Caulking around windows, vents, skylights, and doors can keep moisture from leaking inside your siding. Not only does this protect your paint, it can reduce the chance of rot and damage to your siding and home structure. Replace caulking as needed as part of your home’s exterior maintenance – you may need to hire a professional to reach areas on your roof and upper stories safely. We offer caulking services at Atlanta Painting Company to help protect your siding and paint.

Wash Your Siding

Winter, spring, summer, and fall – all the seasons leave their mark on your paint and siding. Dust, pollen, mildew, and other debris collect on the surface of your home’s exterior. Not only can this make your home look dull and dirty, it impacts the integrity of your paint. Dirt, bird poop, mildew, and other substances can breakdown the paint on your home, leading to premature fading, chipping, cracking, and peeling.

Washing your siding can restore the beauty of your home and protect your paint. Spring cleaning for your home should include a complete washing of the siding. You can use mild soap and water, scrubbing with a long-handled soft brush. A garden hose can be used to wet the surface, then scrub the siding, and rinse.

Another option for cleaning your siding is power washing. When done correctly, a pressure washer can remove mildew, stains, dirt, and other debris that impacts your paint. However, if done incorrectly, it can also remove the paint on your siding. It is best to hire a power washing professional to ensure only the dirt is removed, not the paint. At Atlanta Painting Company, we offer professional power washing for our clients who want to maintain the beauty of their home’s exterior.

Touch-Up Painting

Each side of your home is exposed to different elements. It is common for some areas of your exterior paint to fade or chip before others. Touch-up painting can be performed to maintain your home’s beauty between complete exterior paint jobs. You can ask for extra paint to perform touch-ups when you have your home repainted, or just contact our team at Atlanta Painting Company. We can send one of our professional crews to do touch-ups, as needed, between complete exterior paintings on your home.

Maintain your Exterior with Atlanta Painting Company

At Atlanta Painting Company, we offer quality exterior and interior painting services for the greater Atlanta area. We can also help maintain your home’s exterior between major painting projects. Call us for power washing, gutter maintenance, decks, fences, caulking, and other exterior home services, as well as for repairs and painting. All of our crews are background checked, trained, and reliable; providing top-quality workmanship for all your home maintenance needs. Call today for a free quote.