One of the hottest trends in the painting industry is masonry projects and painting.

Perfect for brick/ stone exteriors, interior fireplaces, masonry accents, and much more! From Limewashing to solid coating, this type of project is sure to turn heads in your neighborhood. The Painting Company is proud to be one of the few selected “pro-applicator” contractors for RomaBio masonry paints in the Atlanta area.

These mineral-based products are different than any other paints in the industry. They are natural products that have a similar molecular structure to that of the brick and masonry surface and are highly permeable (perm rating of 70+). This contributes to a breathable wall system which means water moisture contained in the parts of a structure or surface can diffuse outward without resistance, keeping walls dry and preventing structural damage over time, and resisting moisture that contributes to mold growth, making them naturally mold-resistant.

Mineral-based paints have an extremely high-UV resistance, extending the performance of the product. The chemical fusion with the substrate and the UV stability of the binder are the fundamental reasons for the extraordinarily high lifetime of silicate paints.

There is a $1500 job minimum for all projects & a $2000 job minimum for projects where a color consultant is needed.

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