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The right color of paint can add personality and cheer to your child’s bedroom. When you’re trying to select a color scheme, keep in mind that you have a wide range of options to consider and changes to come. Decorating your kid’s room typically involves using more creativity than you would with the rest of your home. Use the following tips on painting a child’s room to help you out and don’t forget about our current money saving promotions running until the end of February!

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to paint color options, don’t be afraid to go bold or use different colors in the same room. Your child’s room isn’t one of the main areas of your home where people gather, so you don’t need to play it safe with neutral colors. Fun, vivid paint colors can brighten up the room. Using more than one color, such as painting each wall a different shade, can also spark your child’s imagination and give the room an exciting look. You can use different colors for each wall or paint the walls one color and paint the trim and molding a different shade. You can even paint the ceiling in a different tone or paint the walls with patterns.

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Choose Inspiring Colors

Which specific colors should you choose? This depends in part on your child’s color preferences and the kind of effect you’re going for. Pacific Coast by Dulux is a great color to use if you’re interested in a nautical or ocean theme. This sea-inspired shade of blue can act as the perfect backdrop for a room decorated with boats, seashells or sea creatures. Blushing Bride by Benjamin Moore is a good option for kids who prefer pink. This shade of pink offers a touch of elegance combined with whimsical playfulness, which is welcoming for dolls, fairies and princesses alike. Chameleon by Benjamin Moore is ideal for rooms with a more natural look, such as a jungle theme. This light shade of green gives kids’ bedrooms a cozy and calming feel.

Add Creative Touches

The color(s) of your child’s room serves as the foundation in terms of design. Once the painting in this room is done, you can add creative touches to it, such as a chalkboard wall to draw on or decor that goes with the overall theme. You can also get creative with the furniture in your child’s room. Choose bedding and dressers in tones that complement the wall colors, or go bolder and pick tones that contrast with the walls to add visual interest. You can also add shelves for holding pieces of art or decor items that your child loves.

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