These colors tend to highlight the architectural features of the house and make them stand out. What is the style of your home? Is it painted in the way that accentuates its character? Make your home’s future stand out by using colors today that honor its past.

Colonial Revival

Many colonial revival homes have a mix of textures and interesting architectural features. This is a home that takes well to a duo of color with a nice base color on the bottom and a deeper contrasting color on top. Make the look cohesive with a light or white trim throughout.

Cottage Home

Pretty gardens and white picket fences are often found with these charming homes. Colors suitable for cottage homes are those which reflect the beauty of the nature surrounding. Blue-greys provide a subtle yet interesting backdrop for a well-kept yard and flower gardens. You can also use neutral colors for the house and add a surprise splash of contrast by painting the door a bold color.


This style home has a very down-to-earth look. In keeping with that feel, earth-tones help retain the organic look of the craftsman style home.

Dutch Colonial

Another of the down-to-earth styles is the Dutch Colonial. Warm neutrals make this style home stand out with its classical design. As an example, choose a deep slate gray and add black shutters. Paint the trim white and you have a home that is at once elegant and classy as well as earthy.


With lots of whimsical personality, these homes often have sweet details that can be highlighted with the use of neutral colors. The textures and features of the eclectic home, such as columned porticos, stand out boldly against a warm neutral backdrop of color. Make more dramatic by painting the door an inviting red.

English Cottage

The English Cottage is one of the classic styles that lends itself well to an update with contemporary colors. A light field color with darker trim brings out the unique features of the home. Enclosed entryways can be painted in the same color as the trim and a door painted in a bright contrasting color finishes the look.


Classic white with black shutters defines the farmhouse style. This color combination has passed the test of time and still makes this style home look sophisticated, elegant and stalwart.


The grace of the Georgian home elicits a feeling of power and strength. Such a home is made to look inviting by choosing a strong, yet welcoming color such as a rich blue. White trim sets off the well-balanced features of the home and accentuates the architectural design. The entrance to the home provides a focal point which can be intensified by a well-chosen door.


These homes with stucco can be seen in tropical climes painted in bright pastels with shutters in complementary colors and trim is yet a third tone. This mix of color gives the home an airy, festive feeling, perfect for striking up imaginations of sea-side living.


The easy-going natural look of ranch homes lends itself easily to warm, earthy neutrals with dark contrasting colors for trim. Such homes often have stone as part of their façade so choose a color to enhance this signature feature.


Your traditional style home with its veranda or porch will look beautiful painted in a bright shade of white. Contrasting shutters add a splash of color and interest to a quaint structure. For an unexpected pop of color choose a bold bright color for the door.

Tudor Revival

The architectural design of a Tudor is unmistakable. Authentic Tudor-style homes were made of load-bearing wood beams and another material between them, usually stone, brick, plaster or another type of material. The wood beams were seen both on the inside and exterior side of the construction. Today’s versions of this style usually have wooden overlays taking the place of wood beams. Still, the interest created by the striped mix of wood and field material remains striking.

To retain the character of such a home, the wood should remain dark in color. This mimics the old oiled beams of the original style homes. Field spaces are painted a lighter color. This contrast is an important feature of the Tudor-style home. Some homeowners prefer to mute the trim. This is easily done by painting the trim a little darker than the field color.


These stately homes have a sense of elegance which calls for subtly and boldness at the same time. This can be achieved by using sophisticated neutrals and making a statement with a beautifully bold color such as a deep burgundy for the door and trim below the cornice.

Change the Style of Your Home

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