The exterior of your business should represent the message and image you want to portray to your customer. The colors you use and quality of maintenance on your building can help or hurt your business. Commercial exterior paint, using the right colors to match your brand, can create a memorable impression on your customers.

Have you ever noticed some of the most successful stores and restaurants have a recognizable brand? You may not even need to see their sign to know instantly what business is inside the building. The colors and shape of the building speak to the brand, continuing to add to the success of their business. They match their buildings to their brand and image, perpetuating their awareness with their customers.

Large chains are not the only businesses that can use their buildings to improve their image and brand. Small, medium. and growing businesses can all benefit from using their buildings to represent their brand. Choosing the right colors and design for your building can have a substantial impact on the message you portray to anyone driving by your business.

What’s in a Color?

One of the first choices to make when planning the exterior of your business’ building, is color. What message you want to send can be enhanced with the colors you use. Colors make an emotional impact and create a lasting impression that is important to your business’ brand. But choose the wrong colors and you may be sending the wrong message. Some common associations with popular colors include:

  • Blue. Nature, peace, calm, and serenity are often associated with blues. People trust blue, which can be helpful for the image of many businesses.
  • Green. Similar to blue, green is linked with nature and health. Green is wonderful for portraying natural, environmentally-friendly businesses.
  • Yellow. Energetic, vibrant, and optimism are linked with shades of yellow, but it is also one of the most eye-catching colors; a boon for some businesses. Yellow can be tied to youthfulness and creativity, a good color for businesses wanting to reveal an innovative image.
  • Black. Elegance, mystery, and secretive; black can be used in many ways to convey messages. For businesses, it should be used carefully to ensure it reflects the right image for your brand.
  • Red. Dramatic and passionate; red is an igniting color and popular for businesses that want to inspire a strong, exciting response. However, since it is stimulating, it is not a color for those wanting a calm or reassuring image.
  • Purple. Taking on traits of blue and red, purple or violet can be both calming and inspiring. It has a sensitive connotation, yet luxurious – certain businesses that cater to self-awareness or pampering could utilize these traits.

When choosing colors for your business, you should consider more than what colors appeal to your senses. You want to think about the message you want to send and your target consumers in order to find colors and branding that will work toward attracting the right audience.

Logos and Painting Your Building

Just because your logo is red does not mean you need a red building for your business. However, the colors you use for your logo and signs should come into play when deciding the right colors for your building. You want colors that match and work well together, while still utilizing the power of color to represent your branding message.

Sometimes a neutral color works best for the majority of space, but brighter colors can be used as accents. The size, shape, and location of your building also impact the colors you choose. You want to build your brand, but it is important not to clash with a neighbor or choose a color that is already used on the building next door. Many different variances come into play when choosing the right color to make an impression for a business, which is why having a commercial painting expert can help you make the right decision.

Experienced Commercial Painting for Your Brand

Your storefront for your business has a major impact on the first impression you make on customers. When it comes time to paint your new business or to re-paint it to give your existing business a facelift, you can trust our team at Southeastern Commercial Painting. We are your source for experienced color consulting and exterior painting for your commercial building in the greater Atlanta area.

Whether you need a new look for your business’ exterior or interior with new paint or have metal surfaces that need electrostatic painting, Southeastern Commercial Painting has you covered. Our experienced team of painters offers exceptional customer service, reliability, and skill to create professional surfaces to represent your business’ brand in the best colors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your commercial building painting project.