Before you drag out the brushes and paint, take a look at these tips for giving your home a great vibe…

Tips for Painting Your Home

Impress your guests. This is the time of year when most of us are hosting parties and family gatherings. A well-painted room is the perfect finishing touch for these occasions. There is no need to paint your home inside and out to leave your guests with a good impression — concentrate on only the areas your guests see. The foyer and front door are excellent places to start since these areas have the most traffic. Consider painting an accent wall if you don’t have the time to finish a complete room.

Get Inspired By Color

Everyone knows white walls are boring, but then why are they so popular? The truth is most homeowners are plain scared about making a mistake by selecting the wrong color. You shouldn’t be! Go wild and paint your walls whatever color you want. After all, it is just color. For homeowners who don’t trust their sense of style, a good trick is to take notice of interesting color combinations when you go and then copy the combination at home.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

A room with brilliant walls and a drab ceiling doesn’t work. Remember to complete the look of your home by painting the ceiling and your walls. There is no rule requiring you to have your ceiling and walls the same color, but it does tend to create a cozier feeling, especially in larger rooms. Remember, lighter colors open up the space while darker colors lower higher ceilings for a more intimate feel. You may want to consider using a satin sheen finish especially if you are using a darker color for the ceiling.

Forget Flat

Adding texture to your walls is a nice way to increase the interest level. Think about adding bead boards or a chair rail around the perimeter of the space to break up the space visually. For the ultimate textured look, hang heavily textured wallpaper and paint right over it. Pump up the impressive power of your ceiling by installing inexpensive faux-tin ceiling tiles. With a coat of paint, no one will be able to tell the difference.

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