Did you know that you do not have to remove that old wallpaper

Removing the old wallpaper can cause damage to your walls especially if it has been on there for many years.  Now if the wallpaper is in good condition; which means no signs of peeling or other adhesion failure, then there is no reason to invest the money or time to remove it before painting over wallpaper in your room.

Prep Before Painting Over Wallpaper

It’s vital to prepare your walls carefully before painting. Follow these 5 simple steps to ensure the best results:

  1. Start by replacing any damaged sections and adding adhesive to loose pieces to minimize the chance the paper will fall.
  2. Add a thin line of clear caulk around the perimeter of the walls, at the joint seam where the paper meets the floor and ceiling. This will help seal the edges and keep the paper from peeling after you’ve painted.
  3. Cover heavily textured paper with a thin coat of joint compound (Spackle). This material will help smooth out the surface so that the texture won’t show through the paint.
  4. Gently sand down the seams of the wallpaper so they’re not too noticeable.
  5. Apply a coat of oil-based primer to the entire surface of the walls before painting. This helps seal the adhesive within the paper and away from the moisture in the paint. We recommend using  Kilz Oil-Based White Original Sealer, Primer and Stain Blocker or any other oil based primer.

You are now ready for painting over wallpaper.

Because the moisture in latex paint can sometimes loosen wallpaper glue, causing bubbles or peeling, you should use oil-based paint.

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