Find trhe perfect gender neutral nursery colors

Getting the nursery ready for your baby can be an exciting time, but if you do not know whether the new baby is a boy or a girl you may have some difficulty in choosing a gender neutral paint color. Fortunately, there are many attractive color schemes you can use to create a gender neutral nursery just right for any baby. Consider these adorable combinations when painting the walls and adding decor.

Turquoise and White

This color combination creates a spacious, airy look to the nursery and lends itself well to adding smaller items in brighter colors. Think bright red bedding or accents to infuse a little energy into the room or stick with neutrals to create a cozy place for sleep. You can even begin with a turquoise and white gender neutral basic color scheme and tailor it to the gender of the baby once it arrives with wall art or other decorative features.

Yellow and Gray

Shades of gray give the nursery an elegant feel while pops of yellow add the sunshine every nursery needs. If you use soft gray for the walls with splashes of yellow in the bedding or accents you can also change the color scheme as your baby grows without repainting the walls. To add texture and depth to the room, choose several shades of gray or a variety of yellow hues.

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Orange and Teal

This lively combination is sure to please. Use teal on the walls and add in orange artwork, rugs or bedding to make the room pop. Orange is also known to inspire imagination and promote creativity while shades of blue and green promote relaxation and reduce stress.

White and Navy

This color combination creates a crisp, clean look that works well in the nursery. Use white for walls and furniture and add small accents in navy to pull this look off. Consider furniture painted white with navy accents, like drawer pulls or decorative cutouts. If preferred, once the baby arrives you can add touches of traditional pink or blue without ruining this color scheme.

Earthy Greens and Browns

For a nature-inspired nursery, try earthy shades of green and brown and accent the room with nature inspired decor. Think earthy toned rugs, wall hangings and animal motifs. The sky’s the limit when you choose gender neutral nature colors and bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Consider mobiles of a flock of colorful birds or butterflies and add a mural of a tree that can serve as a play area as the baby grows. Natural colors are also soothing and promote peaceful sleep.

Gender Neutral Color Schemes

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