If you are freshening up the interior of your home, painting can help to give your space a fresh and clean look. Your walls are not the only surface in your home that you may need to paint though. Your project may also require painted trim.

While trim may be intimidating to paint, you can easily DIY if you know how to properly prepare the surface. Here are some tips to help you with painted trim.

Use a Light to Identify Flaws

In order to ensure your new paint job and painted trim looks great, you need to eliminate flaws from the trim work. The easiest way to identify flaws in your trim work is to get on your hands and knees next to the baseboards or trim and shine a light directly on the surface. You will be able to see any indents or flaws. Use a pencil to lightly circle these flaws so you can identify them without the light later.

Sand Out Rough Edges or Surfaces

The next step you will want to take is to sand out any rough edges or parts of the surface. Scuffs and scratch marks can leave the surface rough. Run your hand over the trim and sand away anything that is not smooth.

Remove Excess Paint

Use a putty knife to remove any excess paint, typically found along with the corners or top of the trim. Do not gouge the trim as you remove the paint.

Fill in Dings and Dents

Use wood putty to fill in the dings or dents along with your trim work. You can easily locate these dings or dents since you circled them all earlier.

vacuum trim

Even Out and Spot Prime Filled Areas

After the wood filler has completely dried, use sandpaper or a sand block to even the filler with the trim and ensure everything is smooth. Once you are confident everything is smooth, use a primer to spot touch the filled areas. This helps to ensure the paint will adhere to the filler for the perfect painted trim look.

Dust and Vacuum Thoroughly

After filling and sanding is complete, you will need to dust and vacuum. This is not a step that you should complete quickly. Take your time to ensure all dust, dirt, and residue is removed from the surface. This helps the paint to adhere, while also ensuring you have a smooth, even, clean surface to paint.

Prep to Paint

Your trim is almost ready to paint. The last step you need to take is to prepare to paint. This includes taping off the trim and laying tarps or painting canvas on your floor to protect against any paint drips.

Whether you are looking to paint the entire interior of your home or just the trim, The Painting Company can help you with any projects that you do not wish to complete yourself or do not have time to complete yourself.

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