Picking a color for your home exterior

As a long winter draws to an end and spring begins to take over, you may need to begin renovating the exterior of you home.

One of the biggest decisions you may have to face is picking a color to paint your exterior

How do you choose a color that fits your style? These six tips can help you choose the perfect color and achieve that wonderful sense of pride in your home exterior.

Think of the Climate

Consider the climate that you live in and pick a color that complements it. If you live in a warm climate consider a pastel color; which reflects the sun to make your home cooler but also beautiful. If you live in a cooler climate, consider a darker, more earthy color to absorb sunlight. Neutrals work for homes in more moderate climates.

Think of Your Neighborhood

Look around at the other houses in your neighborhood. What colors do you see surrounding your property? While you don’t have to copy your neighbors, you don’t want your house to draw unwanted negative attention. To avoid any tendencies toward becoming an eyesore, pick a color that will blend nicely with the colors around your house. For example, a deep earthy color will look out of place in a neighborhood full of white or brightly colored houses, but a light yellow or peach will blend in while still being original.

Look at Your Landscaping

Find a color that will accentuate the flowers and plants that appear in your garden during spring and summer. This will help add to the current curb appeal of your home, but it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind your future landscaping plans as well. Will the color of your home be accented well by greenery or bright colored flowers?

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Pick the Best Features

Pick a color that will emphasize the attractive features of your house. If you love your cherry front door, consider an off-white palette to accompany it. Also look for a color that will disguise the things you do not like, such as a unbecoming gutters or a bulky chimney.

Think of the Trim

The color of your door, windowsills and trim can add another dimension to the outside of your home. Think about what color you have in mind for these accent elements and make sure you match it to the overall color of your home’s exterior. You do not want the two colors to compete, but rather to be harmonious.

Test Your Colors

Before committing to a color, do a test. Paint several test patches on the side of your house and check the colors throughout the day.  Sometimes what looks great in the store may not work on your house. Do not commit until you know you will like the color you pick.

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Still stuck? Don’t worry! The Painting Company of Atlanta offers a free color consultation for projects over $1500. If you just can’t find your color, we are ready to help pick something you’ll love and even paint the exterior for you! Book your appointment today.