tips for picking the right gutter color

The small details of your home are what form the baseline for everything else around them. For a home’s exterior, you have likely given some thought to the color of the siding, roofing, doorways, window trim, shutters, gutters and so forth. One often overlooked element of every building is essential for their survival: rain gutters. Whether your gutters have never seen a drop of paint or haven’t seen a brush in decades, determining what color to use can be a challenge for such a minor element.

Be Free

No matter what, your home will always be an extension of yourself and your personality. If you feel a calling to a particular color that would normally be considered jarring or off-putting, at least give it serious consideration. Even when listing the property on the market, that little touch of originality might be what draws a buyer to outbid the competition. Unless there is a law that outright prohibits you from using a color that everyone but you hates, trust in your judgment of how your occupied space should look.

Consider the Current Colors

Patterns that are already present in your home coloring are the perfect place to begin with hunting for colors. You might consider other secondary elements like the trim or the roofing and choose a color that complements or contrasts it, or you could use the same color. Special consideration should be given to the type of material as well, since a brick building is not the same as one with red vinyl siding. Eliminating colors you would never pair with the current selection will also help trim down the list of options.

Consider the Current Colors of Your Home

Use Digital Image Editing to Preview Colors

If you or someone you know is able to use a digital image editing program, such as Photoshop, you can use the power of computing to get examples of how the final product will look. Take pictures of the gutters from various angles around the house, then use the program to select from different colors and effects to get the most accurate representation of the color as it would look on the gutters.

Be Willing to Change

Ultimately, you might pick an absolutely horrid color. If you go through the effort of painting your gutters but feel an urge to change them again whenever you look at them, don’t ignore that feeling. Of course, the process can be much easier if you use a professional home painting service with experience in dealing with gutters. Just make sure to vet them through information sources like client testimonials before you sign any paperwork.

Good Luck!