How to protect your paint job

The coat of exterior paint on the outside of your house or office takes on the job to protect your walls from damage and providing elements of style and grace to the building. It can be a bit expensive to fully cover your exterior walls with the proper layering of paint or to refresh the paint job when it suffers damage, so it’s up to you to take steps to protect and extend the life of your paint through the steps below.

Manage Your Greenery to Avoid Damage

Having a barrier of trees, bushes or vines can lend a touch of natural beauty to your home, and they may even protect your paint by diverting sunlight or rainfall. Unfortunately, they can also cause physical damage as they grow near or on your home. Inspect the branches and vines regularly and trim down those that are pressing against the walls.

Clean Your Gutters

Gravity is proficient at drawing everything from water to leaves down toward the ground. Sloped roofing, gutters, and tiling or tarring help send the debris sliding off the roof and away from the exterior walls, but they are not immune to failure. Eliminate any debris that collects on the roof and gutters to prevent clogs and damp spots. Overflow from gutters can leave streaks and can damage the paint.

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Remove Grime from Siding

When exposed to the elements, there is an inevitable buildup of stray particulates from plants, animals, and the weather. If this gunk is allowed to sit on your walls, it can both reduce the beauty of the paint immediately and contribute to a more rapid decay. Give your exterior walls a proper scrubbing or powerwash every few months to remove the residue, but be careful not to use any cleaning products that will damage the paint such as harsh chemicals. Let us know if you have any questions about what products to use to clean your home’s exterior. We’re happy to help protect your exterior paint and keep it looking its best.

Hunt for Problem Areas

Every time you perform an inspection, take pictures of the entire exterior. Make a note of the location you took each picture from, then repeat the photo shoot as necessary. This way, the differences that time and the elements inflict on your paint job should be more apparent. Close-ups are also great for picking out the level of drying and cracking in the paint.

Repair, Protect, Renew

Properly painting a building’s exterior is no simple task thanks to the equipment required and the technical expertise needed to ensure a paint job will last for years to come. If your paint is peeling, cracking or looking dry, contact us at The Painting Company to give your home a makeover. We provide free quotes, and right now all jobs over $2, 000 will receive a 10 percent discount.