Checking references, reviews, and the company’s credentials are all important to ensure you find a reputable, reliable home painter for your project. However, it is not only about the quality of work they will provide. You also want to know more about the people that will be spending a few days or more working on your property.

Hiring practices at home improvement companies vary greatly and can change over time. A company that has enjoyed a stellar reputation may change management or begin cutting corners, hiring less reliable employees. Before you hire a painting contractor to paint your home, take the time to ask about their employees to find out more about the people who will be working around your family and on your property. Here are some questions to ask your potential home painter.

Are Your Workers Employees or Subcontractors?

There is a big difference between an employee and subcontractor, especially when it comes to liability. Subcontractors are not covered by the company’s insurance. Which means if they do not have their own insurance, and they are injured or cause damage to your property, you may be liable, not the painting contractor. You want to ensure the company you hire has a home painter who is employed by the company and the company has the proper insurance to cover all employees working on your property for injury or damage.

Do You Perform Background Checks?

Unfortunately, there are many home improvement companies that hire a home painter who may have an unscrupulous past. You want a painting company that performs thorough background checks on their employees to screen out potential threats to their clients. Home painters that care about the safety and security of their clients will make sure their employees have a clean record and legal status.

What Type of Training Do You Provide for Your Employees?

Painting is a skill that requires training and knowledge. Ask your potential home painter what type of training they provide for their employees to ensure they have the skills needed to provide excellent work. The last thing you want is a new employee without any painting training working on your home as their practice piece.

Will There Be a Lead Painter or Foreman on the Job?

Will a crew of employees show up at your home or will they be under the supervision of a foreman? If so, what experience does the foreman have over their crew members? Knowing who will be in charge during the painting process is important. Make sure the foreman will also be English-speaking, so you can communicate clearly with the crew if needed.

Who Will Be My Contact Person?

Easy and professional communication before, during, and after the project is completed is important. Find out if you will have a manager that will be in direct contact with you to answer questions or handle any concerns. You want to know there is someone overseeing every aspect of your painting project and ensuring the home painter crew will meet the deadlines discussed.

Hire a Qualified Home Painter in Atlanta

At Atlanta Painting Company, we have qualified, talented painting crews for your next painting project. We understand our company and reputation is only as good as our employees. We never use subcontractors – all work is performed by our employees. Our workers are all background checked and undergo extensive training to ensure they can perform their duties to our high level of expectation. There is also a foreman that speaks fluent English on duty to supervise the crew on every job.

When you hire us for your home painting project, you will be assigned a project manager that will be in contact with you throughout the process. They will email you before the job begins and give you all their contact information, then keep you up-to-date each day throughout the project. At the end of the project, you will do a final walk through and your project manager will ensure any concerns are addressed to meet your satisfaction.

Atlanta Painting Company has worked diligently to earn our reputation as one of the best painting contractors in the Atlanta area. This begins with our employees. We hire and train excellent workers who will treat your home and family with respect while providing exceptional painting services. Our crews show up on time, stay on schedule, and will pick up any mess we make when we leave. Our foremen and project managers are available whenever you have questions about your project to keep you informed.

For your next home painting project, call our experienced crew at Atlanta Painting Company. We are locally owned and operated and we also offer commercial painting services for businesses around the greater Atlanta area.