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There’s just something about the spring and summer months that tempt you to head outdoors, but if your deck isn’t in the best shape your time there might be distracting instead of relaxing! Make the most of the long summer days when you have a deck that is ready for summer enjoyment.

Use these quick savvy tips to prep your deck

Keeping Things Clean

It’s surprising how big of a difference a simple power washing can make for your deck! A power wash brings out the original color of the wood and gets rid of a winter’s worth of grime, smudges from leaves, bird droppings, mildew, peeling paint and even more. While you’re doing a deep clean, it’s a great time to identify any maintenance items that you’ll need to tackle such as loose boards, nails or screws that are sticking up. Learn more about best practices for power washing on this video from This Old House.

Brighten Up

Deck steps are notorious for being a tad dangerous, especially in the evening hours when lighting levels can be iffy. Keep your guests safe and bring a little light to the subject by adding some external lights. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy — fairy lights or a few well-placed spotlights may be all you need to provide a warm and welcoming glow to your favorite outdoor spaces. There are plenty of options for solar lights that will cut down on maintenance or wiring needs too. Keep your traffic pattern in mind when you’re designing the lighting, so you’ll always provide your guests with safe travel between indoor and outdoor spaces.

prep deck with lighting

Freshen Your Look

Buying outdoor furniture can be expensive, but there are simpler ways to freshen up the look of your deck. Think about ways to accessorize without spending a fortune. A new outdoor rug or chair cushions are a reasonable way to add color and energy to the space. Wayfair offers a great selection of outdoor rugs, and there might be one that appeals to you!

Stain or Refinish

Staining your deck does require a bit of commitment, but it also protects and extends the life of your investment. A premium deck stain assures that you’ll have full enjoyment of your deck for years to come — and it can also bring a whole new feel to your outdoor spaces.

Need to kick your deck back into summer party mode? The professionals at The Painting Company are standing by and can provide you with the full-service deck sealant or stain that will help you preserve and protect your deck for years to come. Schedule your free in-home quote to get started or call us at 770-551-0101. We look forward to preparing your deck for some summer fun!

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