Something you may have already noticed about powerful brands: the majority use red in their logos and branding. Just look around at the signs and symbols that are used in everyday life to capture our attention or elicit a response. Red is always a prominent color because it makes a person stop and immediately take in the message. However, it is important to understand that different shades of red evoke different emotions.

Professional Settings

Companies use red paint in the workplace to galvanize employees and create an energetic buzz. The brain becomes very active and aware in a setting with red paint. For best results, it is better to limit red paint to accent walls. Too much red paint in a workplace can negatively affect the mood of employees.

Dining Areas

There are different schools of thought when it comes to painting dining rooms in red paint. The color is believed to help picky eaters overcome lack of appetite. The problem is, this principle would also apply to those who are trying to eat less and lose weight. If you are going to paint any area of your dining room red, choose lighter shades.

Living Room

Red is a hit or miss choice for paint in a living room. It is a warm color but that warmth can sometimes result in heated emotions. Some people are sensitive to overpowering shades of red. You also have to consider the size of the room and whether red paint will make you feel suffocated. Accented walls can create a cozy living space when you choose a shade that doesn’t dominate the space.

Workout Room

The energizing impact of red can become nullified if you overdo it in a workout room. Again, accented walls painted in red are more than enough to get your heart rate up and motivate you when you are working out. Exercising in a room completely painted in red is off-putting and without even noticing, you will begin to shorten your sessions or stop using the room altogether.

Kids’ Rooms

Red is a risky color in a kid’s room. Accenting is fine but if you color the entire room in red paint, you are likely to have an over-energized child on your hands. Avoid red stripes, as they can cause aggression, anxiety, and even nightmares in children. If you opt for red in your child’s bedroom, make sure to observe sleep patterns and behavior to ensure the child isn’t experiencing any adverse impacts.


We do not recommend red as a color choice for your main bathroom. Most people don’t have relatively large bathrooms, either, and red is known to make a room feel like it is shrinking. That does not exactly make for a relaxing environment. Neutral colors are recommended for your bathroom or if you have an en-suite that is reserved for relaxing, purple is a great color for drifting away and forgetting the worries of the day.

Red Paint as an Accent Color

In case you haven’t guessed by now, we endorse red as an accent color under the right conditions. As part of an overall color scheme, you can contrast red with almost any other color. It works especially well against black, white, yellow, and subtle tones of gray. Try to reserve accenting for rooms and areas where it will work best. If a room is really small, choose bright colors that will open the space up, rather than a suffocating red color scheme. You can use red for a banister is an accent against white, for an eye-catching invitation to your stairway.

There are other ways you can use red in a room, besides painting, that will create the same accented affect you are looking for. Pillows, furniture, and carpeting are good choices if you want something that doesn’t feel so permanent.

Your Color Scheme

While we at the Atlanta Painting Company are confident our advice is based on a wealth of experience and skill, we also know fortune favors the brave. Sometimes a risk really pays off when you create a space that is elegant and bold. As long as you go into your project aware of the potential negative results of painting with red, you can take necessary precautions.

Make sure to carry out a color swatch test by buying a sample can of your chosen red and applying it to a smaller area. This will help you get a feel for what the rest of the room will look like. A qualified expert from the Atlanta Painting Company can also help you decide if red is right for the room. Call today for a consultation on your color palette and vision for transforming the living spaces in your home.