Over the past 15 years, The Atlanta Painting Company has grown to become one of the largest and premier residential painting companies in Georgia. Did you know that we have also quietly become one of the most reliable painting contractors for commercial painting projects as well?

We understand that finding a reliable painting contractor for commercial projects can be tricky

It shouldn’t have to be! We are flexible with working hours, even working through the night in situations where customers/employees cannot be disturbed.

Whether you’re considering commercial painting, flooring updates, or improving your building’s interior design, The Atlanta Painting Company offers you an opportunity to complete the process rapidly, without interrupting daily business operations.

Whether you have one location or several hundred, Atlanta Painting Company has the resources and a team of highly trained professionals to provide the experience and quality control needed to handle all your commercial painting needs.

Just like our residential projects, we strive to provide a hassle-free project from start to finish.  A designated project manager will be assigned to you and your project with an English speaking foreman to ensure that from start to finish you are delivered an amazing experience.

Contact our office at (770) 551-0101  today to schedule your free consultation today!