When it comes to sprucing up a room, changing the ceiling design can make a big impact. With many options to choose from, you can find a ceiling style to perfectly suit each room and add visual appeal. If trying out a new ceiling design is part of your next remodeling project, keep the following tips (and our current promos) in mind.

Ceiling Design Options

There are a number of design options to take into consideration when you’re choosing a new ceiling. The kind you end up selecting will depend on certain factors, including your personal design preferences and the look of the rest of the room. Ceiling tiles can add elegance to a room when you go with raised panel tiles instead of plain ones. Beadboard provides a cost-effective ceiling option if you want to make a drywall ceiling look more interesting. They can also be installed to cover up popcorn or stipple ceilings. Wooden planks add a rustic touch that gives rooms a warm and inviting look and feel, while painted stripes on ceilings give them a stunning visual appeal that draws the eyes up.

Overlooked Ceilings

Ceilings in basements and other overlooked rooms typically don’t get much attention during remodeling, but there are many ways to make them appear more interesting. Whether you have an outdated ceiling or one that has a dull, unappealing look, you can improve its appearance with decorative tile. These come in a wide range of styles, but not all of them offer the same effect. Consider adding tin ceiling tiles if you want to make it look more elegant and eye-catching. Tin ceiling tiles are available in different designs and colors, which provides you with several options to choose from.

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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are among the most striking design options available. These types of ceilings create a significant amount of visual appeal in any room. Wood false ceiling designs are great for living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. They provide a warmth and a more naturalistic look that goes well with a country or rustic theme. Aluminum suspended ceiling designs are a good option for bathrooms and kitchens, especially when these rooms have a more contemporary design to them. These ceiling designs add a sleek touch that goes with many types of lighting. They also serve a practical purpose, since they are very easy to keep clean. Unlike other materials that can have a buildup of grime from humidity in kitchens and bathrooms, aluminum ceilings require minimal maintenance.

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