Most children spend the majority of their time in their rooms outside of school. That is why everything from the paint color to the room’s furniture and decoration style has significant influence over their behavior.

If you are planning to renovate your child’s bedrooms, you might incorporate these tips on room colors and room layout to make your kid’s room a positive influence in their life.

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Colors Matter

It may seem strange when you first hear that colors can profoundly change the behavior of people, but after spending time thinking about real-life examples, it seems obvious. The ability of colors to influence a person’s mood is the reason bedrooms are not red and why you feel put off by certain color combinations like green and purple.

You can create a welcoming and inspiring color palette for your kid’s room by choosing them carefully.

Blue is a traditional color for bedrooms for good reason. A blue room is very calming and can decrease feelings of aggression.

Green has a very similar effect to blue colors on children. It is a color which tends to reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect. In addition, some people believe softer shades of green can make children better readers by increasing their reading speed, comprehension and ability to concentrate.

Yellow is not the most relaxing color, but it does provide a cheery atmosphere. Like green, muted yellow tones can help children concentrate better, but brighter yellows are good for promoting a better memory. Parents may want to avoid using yellow in their child’s room if they are overly restless, as this color can increase those tendencies.

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Furniture Matters, Too

Colors are important when you are renovating your kid’s room, but so is the furniture you choose. Once your child hits middle school, the cutesy décor probably won’t work anymore. It is the time to create a grown-up room where they can feel comfortable until heading off to college.

The secret is to think how they will use the room years from now. While a full-sized bed for an 11-year-old may seem unnecessary now, it won’t be long before they are a teenager. A smaller desk may be fine at the moment, but purchasing a larger one which will still work when they are a high school senior makes more sense.

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