Services Offered by Atlanta Painting Company

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Atlanta Painting Company believes in providing commercial and residential painting services that deliver our customers the most beautiful, long-lasting results. We strive to make each project stress free, with minimal disruptions, all while standing behind our services backed by our customer guarantee.

Residential Interior Painting

Our talented painters are skilled in all aspects of residential interior painting projects. We respect our customers’ home as if it were our own and treat them with respect—while holding our work to the highest standards in the industry. We offer full-service residential interior painting services that includes: moving furniture, masking and taping, drywall repairs, cleaning, caulking cracks around baseboards and windows, scraping and sanding, and of course, painting.

Residential Exterior Painting

Not all paint is created equal. Residential exterior painting projects are often time consuming and daunting. Knowing what type of paint to use on the exterior of your home is an important step in the painting process. The Atlanta Painting Company is skilled and experienced in all aspects of residential exterior painting projects. Our expert team of professional painters can help give your home a much-needed upgrade, while helping you choose the right paint for your home. Our residential exterior services include: power washing, raking trenches around your home, masking around windows and other exterior elements, foundation coating with specialized products, scraping chipped paint, repairs, caulking windows, doors, and fascia, priming and painting, trim, garage, entry doors, and metal surfaces. Our team of professionals take extra care during the painting process, ensuring the finished project is held to our highest standards.

Commercial Interior Painting

Your business is an extension of your services. If your customers see cracked, chipped, or peeling paint on the walls it could give the wrong impression. Atlanta Painting Company works with our customers to ensure the entire painting process is stress free and least disruptive to your day-to-day business. We offer a wide variety of commercial interior services from industrial buildings to retail spaces. Our products are durable, long-lasting, and backed by our customer guarantee.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Preparing any large painting project can be a tedious task and using in-house employees or doing it yourself can take away from your day-to-day business needs. Hiring a qualified team of professional painters can help make your commercial exterior painting project go quick and be done right. Our professional painting team is fully licensed, insured, and trained in all commercial exterior painting processes. At Atlanta Painting Company we take care of all the exterior prep, painting, and cleanup.

Popcorn & Stipple Removal

Popcorn and stipple ceilings are common in older commercial properties. This style of ceiling cover was used in the late 50s to help cover flaws and make interior projects less cumbersome. However, after time, popcorn and stipple style ceilings become dirty and often require substantial repairs. Doing it yourself can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The team of experienced painting professionals at Atlanta Painting Company are trained and highly-experienced in the removal of popcorn and stipple ceilings. A flat, modern ceiling can give a fresh painting project the finishing touches it needs to look professional and polished.

Decks & Gutters

If your business includes a deck or patio, chances are it is utilized often and one of the most appealing aspects of your business. If your patio or deck is in disarray and needs a fresh coat of paint or stain, trusting the professionals at Atlanta Painting Company to do the work for you can increase your curb appeal and increase customer satisfaction. The same goes for replacing your gutters. Shabby gutters detract from the professional image of your business.