It’s time to give your home a fresh new look! An interior paint job seems like a good place to start. But, if you’re new to this painting gig, you may find yourself stumped at the variety of tools lining the painting aisle of the local home improvement store. Yes, painting may seem like an easy DIY project (and it is), but the job will go a lot smoother if you have the right tools on hand.

Whether you’ve never painted a wall in your life, or you’re an old pro, here are six must-have’s to stock up on before you start your next interior paint project:

1.    Plenty of Painter’s Tape for Interior Paint

You may be tempted to skip this important step in painting your next room, but don’t. Placing painter’s tape properly around windows and trim can cut your work in half. Be sure to seal the tape tightly against areas you don’t want the interior paint to reach and then simply peel off when finished for a clean crisp line.

2.    Painting Trays

Gone are the days of fighting to clean an old metal painter’s tray (but if you like them, they are still available). Today’s options include plastic throw-away or reusable varieties; pans that hold up to an entire gallon; paint with snap on lids so you can stop for the night without a messy cleanup and; even pans to fit certain sized rollers. Think about your specific needs beforehand to get the right type of painting pan.

3.    Extension Pole

Not very tall? Or maybe you simply don’t like standing on ladders. That’s okay. An extension pole may be all you need to get your roller in higher places for your interior paint project.

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4.    Drop Cloths

You don’t have to move every piece of furniture out of the room before painting – and you don’t have to risk spills on your floor either. Drop cloths offer a quick, easy and safe way to protect everything in the room from accidental spills.

5.    Brushes and Rollers

Everyone knows they need brushes and rollers to paint a room; but do you know which kind?  Start with the basics:

•    A variety of sizes – A standard roller will work for large wall spaces, but smaller 1”, 2” or 3″ varieties work best for tight spaces. Brushes come in a variety of widths to fit into nooks and crannies more easily
•    The type of brush is important too. Acrylic bristles work best for latex paint, but you’ll want to invest in natural bristle brushes for oil-based paint.
•    Specialty painting tools – In addition to standard rollers and brushes, consider investing in molding trimmers or specialty shaped brushes to go around windows and doors easier, as well as along baseboards.

6.    Ladders

Unless you’re over six feet tall, the odds are good that you’ll need a ladder to reach the top of the walls, crown moldings and ceilings.  In most cases a 2 or 3-step stepladder is sufficient. But be sure to get one with a long handle (it will help you keep your balance when stretching to reach some areas). If you need to reach high areas like foyers or ceilings, you may need to invest in something larger. Think versatility and sturdiness when choosing your painting ladder. A multi-position 12-step folding ladder works well for most homes since it can be adjusted to several heights (from 2 to 12 steps), making it extremely versatile for any home improvement project.

With the tools outlined in hand, you are now ready to begin your interior paint project. Still, need help? Call The Painting Company of Atlanta today! We’ll be happy to send out a team of experts to finish your interior paint job in no time.

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