If your student is coming back for the summer, they’ll probably still need a place to sleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little renovation in the meantime.

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One of the best projects is repainting the room. A painting project that both parents and students love is redoing the room in the colors of college they are attending. It brightens up the room and connects it with their new life at the same time! Here are a few tips on how to start.

Get Updated Information About School Colors

If you want to focus on the school colors, you need updated information about what those colors are! Some universities may even provide color schemes from their logos or tips on how to decorate dorms/walls in school spirit colors.

These are likely to be bold, bright colors, so you will need to balance them carefully. You can choose only one wall, or consider the use of those colors carefully to avoid an eyesore. However, we suggest that you stick as closely as possible to the true colors of the school; college students will be the quickest to notice the difference!

Decide on the Design

What sort of design do you want? Do you want to paint the whole wall in a single color? Do you want a stripe along the wall in school colors, or maybe mix and match the two ideas? Perhaps you want to use a school decal or mural. You’ll need to carefully consider which logo is the newest, how large it should be, and how well it will tie in with the rest of the room.

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Think About Sports Tie-Ins

Universities tend to have a few different logos at any given time, some more related to sports and some less so. This is a good time to share your plans with kids away at college and ask them what logos or teams they like best. Choosing a general logo is better, but if your student has a particular passion for sports, then you may want to go all-in at sports-related painting designs.

Leave Room for Other Purposes

It’s helpful to think further into the future as well. Do you want the room to serve as a guest bedroom for your home? Then you may want to choose a more muted version of school colors. What happens if your kid switches schools or decides college isn’t right for them? Maybe choose a smaller design that’s easier to change and a new, neutral coat of paint elsewhere.

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