Best ways to maintain your deck

As the weather warms up and summer approaches, you’ll be wanting to spend some time on the deck!

Before you plan your next cookout or get-together, take a look at these deck maintenance tips that will help ensure that your deck is looking good as new!

Clean Between the Boards

Leaves, pine needles and other debris like to get stuck in between your deck’s boards. Use a putty knife to scrape in between the boards, paying special attention to the areas where the boards cross the joists, as those areas tend to collect a lot of debris. To avoid crawling on your hands and knees, attach the putty knife to a PVC pipe and scrape debris out that way.

Sweep it Up

You’ll be surprised by how much dust you’ll sweep up, even when the deck looks clean. A leaf blower can often do the trick as well for removing larger debris like leaves and sticks that may have piled up over the winter. Regular sweeping will keep the deck looking great all year round!

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Choose the Right Cleaner

Different materials need different cleaners. A standard deck cleaner will work for a wood deck. Some cleaners require the deck to be wet before you use it, others don’t. Composite decks need a special composite cleaner. You can use a commercial degreaser to get rid of oil stains on a composite deck. Mild soap and water will do the trick for cleaning away any mold or mildew on a vinyl deck.

Use the Right Cleaning Method

Once you have the right cleaner for your deck, make sure that you use it properly to get the best possible clean. For a wood deck, use a paint roller, a stiff broom or a garden sprayer to apply the cleaner. Don’t let the cleaner pool on the deck, and make sure that you thoroughly clean the deck before the cleaner dries. Composite decks should be cleaned with a soft brush.

Never use a pressure washer on a composite deck as the pressure can damage the deck and will often void the warranty. Vinyl decks should be scrubbed with a stiff broom and then thoroughly rinsed.

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