Your house needs a facelift, and there’s no better way to make it look like new than with a fresh coat of paint. But what exterior colors are best, both for aesthetic and resale value? According to the experts at The Painting Company, you can never go wrong with neutrals. They offer a soft and sophisticated feel to the home, making it stand out without bringing unwanted attention.

But what if the standard white or tan isn’t your style? Bring a little more style to your exterior with these top exterior paint color trends gaining momentum in 2019 among homeowners looking for a change.

Grab Attention with a Bold New Look

Be bold with your paint color – just be sure to stay within the realm of realistic. This means forgoing the bright pink door or flashy aqua trim. While bright colors like these may work in some neighborhoods, they can appear a bit too quirky for most. If you are looking to make a bold statement – and make your home stand out – opt instead for creating drama with darker hues that are softened with lighter trim. For instance, a dark gray complemented with a stark white window and door trim offers the kind of contrast that turns heads by highlighting certain architectural features.

Grey Works Almost Anywhere

No matter what the style (craftsman, contemporary or even Victorian), a gray exterior works well in almost any neighborhood and often complements stone and brickwork well. Of course, the style of the home and your preferences will have a lot to do with the shade chosen. Darker grays paired with lighter (or white) trim work well on smaller homes, while lighter shades often make larger homes look more impressive. Painting with a two-tone gray color is a good way to highlight a porch or other detail of the home, giving it more dimension. Adding a colorful front door can also help to offset the neutrality of a gray exterior for those who prefer a more striking exterior.

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Beige Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Beige or tan may be the ultimate in neutral colors, but that does not mean they have to be boring. Add a little gray to that beige to create a greige look that offers both the simplicity of a brown hue with the sophistication of gray. This is an especially pleasant look on larger stucco homes that need a bit of pop without grabbing the kind of attention brighter colors will.

Don’t Forget This Staple: White

There is just something about the fresh clean look of a white home exterior. If maintained well, white can offer a fresh modern look to any home. For those who don’t like the starkness of a bright white exterior paint, consider a white shade that is lightly tinted with a pale gray. This hint of color may be just enough to make you swoon.

Too Many Choices? Call in Exterior Paint Professionals!

Do the top exterior paint color trends this year have you more confused than ever? It may be time to call in the experts at The Painting Company. They will come out and show you which colors will work best on your home considering its style, size, landscaping and special architectural features.  Ready to update your home with a new paint color? Call The Painting Company today for a free consultation.

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