The wall color of a room is an important element in making any interior space take on a specific look or mood. However, the color of the trim also plays an important role in the overall look. The room’s baseboards and other molding help define the character of the room, drawing attention to architectural detail and dimensions.

Selecting Colors

When selecting the color to paint the trim, one should consider the overall desired effect. For instance, if a unified effect is desired from room to room, the trim should be painted the same color throughout the house. Paint can also be used to emphasize specific room elements such as an ornate door frame or a fireplace mantle. In the latter case, the colors in a mantel can be highlighted by a similar trim color, while leaving all window and door frames white.

Avoid Using Flat-Finish Paint on Trim

It is a good idea to purchase semigloss or gloss enamel to paint doors, door frames and window frames. Glossier paint is more durable than flat-finish paint. The reflective quality of the gloss helps play up shadows and light for more dramatic effects.

Virtually any wall color can be set off by painting trim white, but not a stark white. Using off-white with a touch of the wall color in it is always the best bet. This is true for trim that accents both soft- and bold-colored walls. However, in rooms that are painted with intense colors or dark shades, white trim will serve to lighten the overall look and add attractive contrast.

If it is desirable to place more focus on the door and window frames, a color that is darker than the walls can accomplish this. The person who really loves color might want to consider a shade that is equal in intensity to the color on the wall, but that contrasts with it. For instance, a striking effect can result from painting walls a medium shade of pink with contrasting, dark, wine-colored trim.

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