How to use extra paint

It is not unusual to have a gallon or two of leftover paint after a project. While painting experts agree that it always makes sense to store a little extra paint to do touch-ups, there is almost never a need to keep excessive amounts. You don’t have to take up valuable space in your garage with unused paint; there are plenty of ways to use up leftover paint in fun and creative projects. 

Have Fun with Leftover Paint

Extra paint and a few hours of your time can transform your home while bringing together your family for a worthwhile crafting project.

  • Accent Picture Frames: Old yard sale picture frames can be brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Consider using painted frames in unique and unconventional ways.
  • Paint Flower Pots and Planters: Brighten up your home or yard with a splash of color. Uniquely painted pots look the best when they are combined into decorative groupings.
  • Design an Accent Wall: Use a favorite stencil to create a one-of-a-kind accent wall in your home. A decorative wall will add interest to any room.
  • Revive Junkyard Furniture: Try to renovate unwanted furniture. Sometimes all it takes to give an abandoned piece of furniture a new lease on life is a bit of paint.
  • Create a Play Area: Use extra paint to draw a permanent hopscotch, four square or shuffleboard court on your driveway and encourage your kids to spend more time outside.

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Donate Extra Paint

Homeowners who do not have the time or interest to use leftover paint for art projects have other options. One of the best alternatives is to donate unused paint to charities; several are willing to accept paint donations, but there are usually restrictions on the type and quantities of paint a charity takes. You can search online to find a charity near you.

Dispose of Paint Safely

If you don’t want to keep, play with or donate your extra paint, you can always throw it away — as long as you do it correctly. Wet latex paint is hazardous, so you should dry it out before disposing of it safely. Speed up the drying process by adding newspapers or kitty litter to the paint and then leave it in the sun for a few days. After the paint dries, the most ecological solution is to take it to one of the disposal centers, which are often located at home improvement stores. You can also search to find the center closest to you.

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