The damaging effects water can have on your commercial property can be costly and time-consuming. Exposure to moisture can cause issues to the integrity of your building, exterior surfaces, roof, air quality, and interior finishes. However, there are a few different ways to combat these damaging effects by waterproofing commercial buildings.

If you are in the process of building a new property, remodeling, or are concerned your building is at risk of exposure to moisture, now is the time to consider the benefits of waterproofing your commercial building.

Risks of Exposure

Small drips of moisture may not seem like much at first, but they can quickly add up and cause damage that can affect your building’s foundation, roof, and everything in between.


Sitting water can rot your foundation. While you may be able to divert some water from your building, the danger lies in the water you cannot see that has seeped down below the surface of the ground. A weak foundation causes your entire building’s structural integrity to suffer. Mitigating foundation issues requires major repairs that can expend valuable time and budgetary resources.

Exterior Surfaces & Roof

Water can make its way inside your building through even the smallest leaks or cracks in windows, roofs, walls, and decks. And once water is in, it can lead to expensive repairs and disruption to your business.

Roof Repair
Age, poor drainage, storms, or broken gutters can cause your roof to leak. Water that gets through to your roof support system can cause everything from mold to structural damage.

Ceilings, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
When water leaks from the roof, it can make its way to the ceiling, causing damage to ceiling tiles and the interior finishes including carpet, furniture, and valuable equipment.

Additional moisture in the air can require your HVAC system to work overtime to compensate for changes in humidity and temperature; causing energy inefficiencies. If water comes into direct contact with your HVAC system, it can compromise a number of the components that can be expensive to repair.

Air quality
When roof quality is compromised, it can affect the air quality due to mold and insect infestation, which can compromise the health of the building tenants. These issues can put your business at risk of violating building codes and affect future resale values and opportunities.

Protect Your investment

Waterproofing your commercial building may be done at any time; whether it has already been built, is being renovated, or is in the building inception phase. It is always best to consider waterproofing your building in the initial building phase as a proactive measure to protect your investment. Not only can you avoid having to deal with any moisture-related issues from the beginning, but you will have peace of mind that your structure is safe and sound.

Structural Integrity
Waterproofing your commercial building will provide the structural integrity you rely on to ensure there are no water issues in your foundation. Waterproofing your building can give you assurance your investment is protected from the ground up.

Enhanced Air Quality
Waterproofing materials prevent water from getting trapped inside the building, causing harmful microorganisms from growing. Preserve the quality of the air in your building and protect the health of the lives inside.

Energy Efficiency
When your building is waterproofed, your HVAC won’t have to fight to keep up with the temperature and humidity changes. An HVAC system that is running efficiently will convert to savings in your energy bills.

Preserved Property Value
Solid maintenance programs are necessary to safeguard your assets and uphold the value of your property. Making the investment to waterproof your foundation, roof, and other exterior surfaces is a smart, proactive measure to preserve your building’s value.

Extended Lifespan
Waterproofing materials are designed to resist heat. When your building is equipped to resist heat, it prevents the roof materials from breaking down. This allows you to manage the overall costs of roof maintenance more efficiently by giving your roof a longer lifespan.

Professional Waterproofing Solutions

Your best prevention against the damaging effects of moisture is waterproofing your commercial building. Atlanta Painting Company provides a variety of waterproofing solutions to combat moisture.

Rubberized coatings provide strong, water-resistant properties. Roof coatings protect the top of your building from moisture and heat. Epoxy and grout injections can protect the exterior surfaces of your building.

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Don’t let the elements erode the value of your property, compromise the strength of your building’s foundation, or put the building residents at risk. Waterproofing your building can protect your investment and give you peace of mind the structural integrity of your building is sound, from top to bottom.

Contact the professional team at Atlanta Painting Company to learn more about our commercial services that can help waterproof your building.